Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

Go to Yokoyama Observatory with just one coin! Yokoyama VIEW taxi service starts [2024.4.8-2025.3.19]


"Yokoyama VIEW Taxi", which has been well received by many customers, will be available from April 500, 2024 (Monday), allowing you to travel between Ugata Station, Yokoyama Observation Deck, Ugata Station and Kashiwajima Station for just one coin (4 yen). It has been decided to start operation.

*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, April 5th to May 7th, July 8th to August 2th, December 2st to January XNUMXth, and February XNUMXth to February XNUMXth.

For details, please contact Shima City Tourist Information Center (0599-46-0570)

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