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[Okage Yokocho] The 19th Divine Grace Japan Taiko Festival

Since ancient times, the Japanese have prayed to God for breathing and fertility by playing drums.
Taiko drummers from all over the country gather in Ise to express the joy and gratitude of playing taiko drums this year.It is also an important place for taiko drumming, which is constantly being studied, to enhance each other through performances.
This time, which is the 19th time, 10 groups from inside and outside the prefecture will participate and dedicate a drum to the Jingu with a prayer for disease-free breathing.

Event Dates

①令和3年11月27日(土)10:00~17:00  / 28日(日) 9:30〜16:00
② November 3th (Sat) and 11th (Sun), 27rd year of Reiwa 28: 13-00: 14


① Okage Yokocho "Taiko turret"
② Ise Jingu Naiku Shrine
 ※free entrance

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There is also a sound experience class "Making mini drums"!
This is a hands-on classroom where you can make your own drums.It is an authentic drum that you can't think of as a mini drum, with leather on the body of the zelkova.
Place / Yokocho Ki-in
Date / Time / Reiwa November 3th (Sat) and 11th (Sun) 27: 28-12: 30 (Time required: about 14 minutes)
Expenses / Paid (first 10 people on both days)
Acceptance / Reception from 10 am on the day
Cooperation / Asano Taiko Musical Instrument Store Co., Ltd.

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