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Ise is in my heart




The culture of "Ise" is the source of the Japanese spirit.pride as a Japaneseand is the foundation of my heart"Ise" is a town with a symbolic shrine.The sacred atmosphere that has been handed down over XNUMX years of history is a culture and charm that conveys the "beautiful Japanese heart".We at Ise City and the Ise City Tourist Association (Public Corporation) would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you, both in Japan and abroad.We will make a public appeal for the appeal of Ise, and start an initiative to co-create the heart of Japan, a beautiful country.I would like to create an opportunity to create a bright future by connecting the various forms of Ise that exist in all visitors to co-creation.


(Public corporation) Ise City Tourism Association
Chairman Noriyasu Hamada



Senses encountered on a trip to Ise
air, sunshine, sound, silence
and your heart
Memorable photos in Isemany
Ise that exists in you
We are connected through Ise

About the "Ise in the heart" video

Ise City and the Ise City Tourist Association are soliciting photos and videos of "Ise in your heart" from September 10st (Thursday) to October 31st (Monday), XNUMX. I was.As a result, the following creative-related professionals also provided their own "Ise in my heart" free of charge, saying "If it's for Ise."

(* Alphabetical order)
   Nanase Aikawa (singer)
   Miori Inada (Photographer)
   Hirofumi Ihara (sculptor)
   Ms. Nanami Ozaki (Entertainer, Manager)
   Mito Orihara (Cartoonist)
   Ms. Miya Kaneko (Contemporary Artist)
   Mayu Tsuruta (Actor)
   Mr. Sento Nishinaka (Glass Sculptor)
   Mr. Kenya Hara (Graphic Designer)
   Ryoryo (musician)
   Taiko Matsuo (illustrator)
   Mr. Masaaki Miyazawa (Photographer)
   Yuka Morii (Sculptor)  

 I made a video of "Ise in my heart" to express the feelings of everyone who loves Ise.Please take a look. 

Omnibus video (short) of the submitted photos

Omnibus video of the submitted photos (long)

Image movie