Rental Location

Enjoy your trip to Ise by bicycle ~ ♪
Gekumae Tourist Service Center
Gekumae Tourist Service Center Area Map

AM8:30 ~ PM16:30


Bicycles available: XNUMX City CyclesXNUMX Electric power-assisted bicycles

Iseshi Station Baggage Storage
Map around Iseshi Station Baggage Storage

AM9:00 ~ PM17:00


Bicycles available:XNUMX City CyclesXNUMX Electric power-assisted bicycles  

Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho
Map around Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho

AM9:00 ~ PM17:00


Bicycles available:XNUMX City Cycles


AM10:00 ~ PM17:00


Bicycles available:
12 E-BIKEs (Electric power-assisted sports bicycles)

[Reception is reserved only]


City cycle image
City cycle

Within 4 hours   800Yen / unit

XNUMX hours or less XNUMX yen/bikeXNUMX hours or more XNUMX yen/bike (*Return by XNUMX:XNUMX)

Image of electrically power assisted bicycle
Electric assisted bicycle *Rental only at Gegu-mae Tourist Service Center

Within 4 hours 1,500Yen / unit

4 hours or more 2,000Yen / unit
(* Returned at 17:00)

E-BIKE image

XNUMX day XNUMX yen/bike (*Return by XNUMX:XNUMX)

Baggage storage fee XNUMX yen/person(*For bike rental customers only)

Battery rental fee XNUMX yen/unit (*For long distance or XNUMX days use)

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to drop off the rental cycle?

No.Please return them to the place you rented from.

Is electronic money or credit card payment possible?

Only local payment (cash) is accepted on the day of bike rental.

Do you have bicycles with child seating?

We do not have bicycles with child seating.

Can anyone use a rental cycle?

We rent bicycles only to junior high school students and above who are 145 cm or more in height.

Is it possible to rent a bicycle on the internet?

You can make reservations for Iseshi Station Baggage Storage, Geku Mae Tourist Information Center, and ORANGER CAFE wood (Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station) on the internet (external site).

*Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents caused by user negligence.We may be unable to lend due to weather or other circumstances.