To avoid congestion in sightseeing in Ise Ise Digital Traffic Information Guide To avoid congestion in sightseeing in Ise Ise Digital Traffic Information Guide

Safe, secure and comfortable sightseeing in Ise

In the Ise City Tourism Association, around popular tourist spotsReal-time information on availabilityIn addition,
Public transport information and road congestion information,Congestion forecast calendarWe provide useful information for sightseeing that avoids congestion.
While avoiding crowded times and places wellSafe, secure and comfortablePlease enjoy sightseeing in Ise.

Traffic information to Ise Jingu
Check in advanceIf you do


To Ise JinguPublic transportation,Road congestion information,
Information on nearby parking lots
It is a site where you can understand

Easy Ise
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While sightseeing in Ise cityreal time
If you want to check the congestion

Our Sky Toit's niceIse

Ise city sightseeing spotYou can see the availability in real timeサイト
It is recommended to bookmark it while sightseeing

Ise cityDuring sightseeingHow to check congestion information?

Digital Signage

Installed in various parts of Ise CityDigital Signage
Congestion situationBesides, in Ise cityThings to Do,Bicycle rental availability informationYou can also check such things.
It is convenient to know the installation location in advance.

JR Iseshi Station

JR Iseshi Station

JR Iseshi Station opening time

Iseshi Station Baggage Storage

Iseshi Station Baggage Storage

9:00 - 17:30

Futamiura Tourist Information Center

Futamiura Tourist Information Center

8:30 - 17:00

Uji Urata Tourist Information Center (Remote)

Ujiurata Tourist Information Center

9:00 - 17:30

Things you can check with digital signage

Relaxing and smooth sightseeing in Ise City
Sangu Bus

Ise Jingu alone is a waste!
From the front of Isuzugawa station, run the Ise-Shima skyline and
Take the "Sangu Bus" that connects Kongo Tanji Temple on the top of Mt. Asama,
How about sightseeing in Ise on a relaxing bus?

Sangu bus service period

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, August 8th to August 13th, December 8th to January 15th

Sangu Bus

Requests to everyone who visits Ise

When traveling in Mie, "New travel etiquette"When"New travel rulesPlease keep this and travel safely and securely.
Before travelingLatest informationPlease check.