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12/15 Barrier-free tourism-Barrier-free mind-Responding to customers with disabilities-

In Ise City, we carry out training business for city tourism related businesses.

Based on the experience of being involved in businesses and activities in the field of barrier-free tourism for many years, we would like to tell you about the nationwide situation of barrier-free tourism, new trends, and points for dealing with customers with disabilities.

You can participate either by visiting the venue or online (ZOOM).
Please take this opportunity to join us.

<Date and time>

Wednesday, December 12, 15rd year of Reiwa
[Daytime section] 1:5 to 00:17
[Night section] 1:9 to 00:21
* The content is the same for both the day and night sections.
* Open 30 minutes before.
※Tuition is free.


Sinfonia Technology Hibiki Hall Ise (Ise City Tourism and Culture Center)
Large conference room on the 1th floor XNUMX
Please cooperate in wearing a mask at the venue.
* If you come by car, please use the parking lot on the 1st floor.

<How to participate>

Participation at the above venues or online (ZOOM) is possible.
The maximum number of participants at the venue is 30 each time (first-come-first-served basis).

<How to apply>

Please apply by email or fax using the attached application form by Wednesday, December 12th.


Tourism Promotion Division, Industrial Tourism Department, Ise City
Tourism Planning Section Higashi / Ota
(+0596) 21 5566


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