Information on corona measures in Ise City

I won't lose to Corona!Mail order site Free shipping & discount! (Extended period to expand support!)


Ise City has also been greatly affected by the decrease in tourists due to the self-restraint of movement and business due to the new coronavirus.The Ise City Tourism Association has launched a mail-order site as part of its support for businesses.
We are carrying out a great campaign, so please use it!
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Tofu-an Yamanaka / Otofu Ice Plain 6 pieces set

Campaign details

① Free shipping on purchases of 2,000 yen or more!
(4,000) 1,000 yen discount for purchases of XNUMX yen or more!
* Please enter the coupon code "ISE-KANKO".

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Haritaya, 15 packs of rice crackers


March 3st, 3rd year of Reiwa-September 1th, 4rd year of Reiwa

* The campaign may end early depending on the sales situation.

Mieman / Oka High School Collaboration Ise Udon with 2 meals x XNUMX sets

We have a lot of Ise specialties such as Ise udon, pearl products, seafood, beef, and Ise souvenirs.Please purchase at this advantageous opportunity.

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