Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

Today (4/9) from 19:00 we will be holding a celebratory tree ceremony and launching celebratory fireworks!

The Ise Sengu Committee (Chairman: Mayor of Ise, Chairman: President of the Ise Chamber of Commerce and Industry), a public-private organization, congratulates the official decision to prepare for the next Jingu Shikinen Sengu ceremony today, April 9th ​​at 19:00. We will perform the celebratory tree ceremony and launch the celebratory fireworks🎆

<Celebration Kiyari performance - 3 Kiyari performances and a new song! ~>

■Time: April 19th ​​(Tuesday), around 00:XNUMX (rain or shine)

■In front of Naiku Ujibashi Bridge

<Celebration fireworks>

■Time: April 19th ​​(Tuesday), around 15:XNUMX (approximately XNUMX minutes, rain or shine)

■Tokoro Naiku B5 parking lot (launch location)

■ Launch details Since this Shikinen Sengu is the "63rd", we will release "63 shots" of size XNUMX and XNUMX balls.

Colors the night sky. (about 3 minutes)

*When visiting, please be careful as it will be dark underfoot. In order to ensure safety, please listen to the instructions of the venue staff and thank you for your cooperation.

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