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Craft whiskey "Kamiji" storage room tour filled with aroma

Craft whiskey "Kamiji" storage room tour filled with aroma

Kintetsu and Iseman are holding a ``Kintetsu Hiking'' event where you can tour the unprocessed sake storage for ``Kamiji,'' a craft whiskey from Ise-Shima that won a gold medal at the international alcohol competition ISC2022 held in the UK. We will implement it.

In addition to fully enjoying the aroma that can only be felt in the unprocessed sake storage room, you can also watch the amazake being served and sample Iseman's proud products for a fee.

Participation is free and no reservations are required.
Walk around Omata and enjoy the sake made by Ise sake brewers.

Implementation date

2023 years 10 month 7 day (Saturday)

Reception place/time

Kintetsu Yamada Line Myojo Station
From 9 hour 30 minute to 11 hour 30 minute
※Rain or shine (canceled in stormy weather)


Approximately XNUMXkm

Participation fee



No reservation required


Myojo Station…
Tenrinji Temple…Machikado Museum Sanchu…
Henbaya Shoten main store…Iseman…Iseya…
Akeno Station


Kintetsu Nagoya Event Section 
Kinki Nippon Railway homepage (hiking information page)
Opening hours 9: 10 to 18: 00
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

*Information regarding whether or not the event will be held will be provided by automated voice after 6:30 a.m. on the day of the event.

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