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Mizuki Noguchi Cup 2023 Chunichi Mie Oise-san Marathon held

Mizuki Noguchi Cup 2023 Chunichi Mie Oisesan Marathon


Saturday, December 2023, 12: Walk section, barrier-free run section
December 2023, 12 (Sun): Running Department


Departure and arrival at Mie Prefectural Sun Arena


Walk: 3,000 people
Barrier-free run: 80 people

Running 5km: 2,500 people
Half marathon: 5,500 people

Oise-san Marathon Traffic Regulations

From 12:3 a.m. to 8:12 p.m. on Sunday, December 30rd, major traffic restrictions will be implemented, including road closures, mainly around Ujiurata and Naiku.
Please be careful if you are planning to visit Ise City (especially the Naiku area) on the day of the event.

About traffic regulations (Ise City Hall HP)

Inquiries about the Ise Marathon

Oisesan Marathon Entry Center
Phone: 048-778-5880
Reception hours: Weekdays 10:17-XNUMX:XNUMX

Inquiries regarding barrier-free runs

NPO Ise-Shima Barrier Free Tour Center
Phone: 0599-21-0550
Reception hours: 9:30-17:XNUMX Closed on Thursdays

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