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Onbedaisen welcome and farewell ceremony

Ise City Shrine Port (Kamiyashiroko) Welcoming Ceremony for the Goheitai Boat

Every year on October 10th, a festival is held to dedicate dried sea bream from Shinoshima (Aichi Prefecture) to Ise Grand Shrine.
This year is the first time in XNUMX years!
Six fishing boats from Shinojima raise the flag of ``Taichi Goyo'' and after entering Ise City Shrine Port, they dedicate sea bream to the shrine.

At the shrine port, ceremonies, seafood sales, and mochi-throwing events are held.

Please come to Jinja Port.

Date and Time

March 10th

Goheitai boat welcome ceremony schedule


Ise City Shrine Port
NPO Shrine Minato Town Revitalization Group
60 Jinjaminato, Ise City, Mie Prefecture

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