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Taikoji Tanabata Festival

The Tanabata Festival will be held at Taikoji Temple in Futami-cho, Ise City. In addition, on July 7th, there will be special events such as limited illumination, special individual memorial services, and exclusive accommodation plans.
From July 7st to July 1th, special tanzaku (7 yen each) will be available in the main hall, so please feel free to come and visit us.


Choonzan Taikoji Temple
(1659, Futami-cho, Ise City)


From Monday, November 2024th to Sunday, December 7th, 1

Special Event (July 7th only)

July 7th 7:19~ "Tanabata Special Memorial Service"
Free participation on the day
Opening of the principal image, individual prayers (prayer)
The temple gate will be lit up exclusively for the Tanabata special memorial service.

There are also special plans for temple lodgings.
If you would like to participate, please make a reservation by calling Taikoji Temple (0596-43-2283).
[07/07 Special Temple Lodging Plan 5000 yen per person per night (special memorial service and guide included)]
[07/07 Limited Special Individual Memorial Service (5000 yen per person or 10,000 yen per family)]
Please contact Taikoji Temple for details.


Choonzan Taikoji Temple
1659 Futami-cho E, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. XNUMX-XNUMX
Telephone number: 0596-43-2283

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