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Ise Jingu Shouldn't we go as a couple?Can i go

Ise Jingu is known to all Japanese people.Since ancient times in Edo, it has been said to visit Ise once in a lifetime, and worshipers visit it as a popular date spot in modern times.When you search for such Ise Jingu, it seems that the word "couple / couple" is also searched.

Is there anything that you shouldn't go to Ise Jingu as a couple?

It's a rumor that is common in popular tourist destinations,That's not true! !! !!

Oharai Town

The story of a couple visiting the shrine ...

The key to solving this story was in the article "Ise Lecture" on this site, which is deeply digging into Ise!The contents are here.

As I walk through the Jingu, I still come across a bus guide who explains this.
"In Ise Jingu, the deity is Amaterasu Omikami. It is a female god. Therefore, it has been said for a long time that if a couple or a lover visits each other, the god will be jealous and the relationship between the two will not go well. I will ... "
Actually, this kind of story is not something that has just begun, and as far as I know, it has been handed down as Showa and Heisei.
Is that so?
When explaining the prohibition of women in mountain worship, "Konohanasakuyahime is a deity in this mountain. I'm jealous because it's a female god ..."
I have to hear it.
However, the deity of the Ise Jingu is Amaterasu Omikami.
Even if you read "Kojiki" and "Nihonshoki", you can't find the character of being jealous of the relationship between men and women. It's not very similar.
So change your perspective
Let's think about who will benefit from the story that "a couple or a lover should not visit the shrine".
It's a detective novel method.
Then, I notice that there used to be a Yukaku called "Furuichi" in the town of Ise, although it is no longer open.
In the Edo period, it was said to be "one of Japan's three major Yukaku", and it was a great entertainment district that invited men with senryu, "just a little to Ise Grand Shrine."It gradually declined in the Meiji and Taisho eras, but it seems that the light was completely extinguished in XNUMX after the air raid.
The biggest problem for the red-light district is neither the police nor the health center.
It is that a male customer is acting with his wife or lover.
Even if I have a wife or lover, I would like you to come alone only when you come to Ise.And I want you to play in Furuichi and drop your money.For that, it is very convenient to have the most plausible excuses and reasons.
It would be very convenient for Furuichi to be able to make an excuse, "Ise god is a woman, so I'm jealous. I can't go with my husband and wife. Unfortunately, I'll go alone."

Unfortunately, no literature has been found to support this hypothesis.It is unlikely that it will appear as a historical source if it is a story for attracting customers in the entertainment district.However, even considering the godliness of Amaterasu Omikami and the special existence of the Jingu in Japan, I think that the "Do not visit as a couple → Furuichi customer attraction making story" is close to the truth.
Also, I think that the heyday of Furuichi was the Edo period.
It's interesting that even after the lights are completely turned off, more than XNUMX years have passed since the story "A couple is going to visit the shrine ..." is told even though no one asked for it.A unique "story" with excellent copies and wise sayings walks alone and continues to capture people's hearts.

                    Vice Chairman of Ise City Tourism Association Kazutaka Yamanaka

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It is completely OK for couples to visit Ise Jingu!Now that you know what you are doing, I would like to introduce two wonderful episodes sent to "Call for Memories of Ise".

I have been to Ise Jingu for the first time since I started dating my husband.I always take pictures in the same place in front of the gate of Ise Jingu, but when I look back at the pictures, it's new to me, and after two or three years, my relationship with my husband deepens. It makes my chest warm.
And the memories of my family, such as my pregnancy and my first visit to my child, are still in the photos, and I wanted to continue taking family photos at the same place.

It is a two-hour drive from my home to Ise.I stayed at Ise Futami for the first time after getting married and getting pregnant and went on a trip.I heard that if I was born with twins, I wouldn't be able to travel, and if I ate abalone during pregnancy, I would have a baby with beautiful eyes, so I chose Ise.
With a big stomach of 8 months pregnant, my husband and I moved to Futami to pray for a safe delivery at Ise Jingu.I stayed at a long-established inn near Meotoiwa.I also got abalone, but the oysters are very delicious and I can't forget the taste.It's been 2 years since I think it was just yesterday.
The twin boys have been able to get a job safely from this year and have joined the ranks of adults.For me, Ise is a place where I wish for the health of my children.

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Ise is a place where couples can come with peace of mind.Rather, there are many spots to deepen ties!
Introducing sightseeing spots in Ise and inns with guest room open-air baths that are recommended for couples.

Recommended spots for couples and couples to visit

・ Heart stone

It is a heart-shaped stone in the "Naiku Thanksgiving Road" that enters Oharaimachi from the municipal Ujiurata parking lot, and it is rumored that if you discover it, you will be blessed with a good relationship and deepen your love with your lover. It is hidden on the wall on the Oharaimachi side of the underpass where the folding screen paintings by Shunichi Kadowaki, who is said to be the "Ukiyo-e artist of the Showa era," are lined up.

・ Oharaimachi ・ Okage Yokocho

After visiting Ise Jingu and Naiku, stop by "MUST" Oharaimachi, Okage Yokocho!There are lots of delicious gourmet foods and cute Ise miscellaneous goods ♡, which is full of excitement.Thanks to Okage Yokocho, you can enjoy seasonal events and enjoy the classic Akafuku at the main store.No matter how much time you have, it's not enough.

  * Recommended information for Oharaimachi / Okage Yokocho is (Click here for the guidelines.) Also check!

・ Meotoiwa

Meotoiwa is two large rocks (Otokoiwa and Onnaiwa) that are tightly tied with a large shimenawa at Futamiokitama Shrine in Ise City.It is famous as a symbol of marriage and marital harmony.
Originally, it plays the role of a torii that worships the "Kodama Shinseki", a sacred stone that calms off the coast.
In the summer, you can see the sunrise from between the Meotoiwa, and in the winter, you can see the moonrise from between the Meotoiwa.

・ Futamiokitama Shrine

At Futamiokitama Shrine, where the symbol of marriage, "Meotoiwa," is located, we would like to worship firmly and pray for a deep bond.Did Futamiokitama Shrine also have a spiritual test of "Misogi" and "Michihiraki"?After worshiping and returning home, my usual days are a little different, and there may be a way to move forward.
Futamiokitama Shrine's Omikuji is very popular because it has cute charms such as "Frog Mikuji" and "Beckoning Cat Mikuji".The love fortune with a female doll is perfect for praying for good luck.If you are a couple who came to sightseeing in Ise, please try it.

・ Ise Sea Paradise

Ise Sea Paradise where you can interact with cute sea animals as much as you can!The aquarium is a stable spot on dates, but what makes it different is the proximity to marine mammals and fish.The distance between couples will be even closer.

* Futami's recommended information is (Click here for the guidelines.)check!

・ Ise Shima Skyline ・ Asama Mountain View Point

The Ise-Shima Skyline is perfect for a drive date.There is also a post in the sky that is sure to look good on Instagram at the Asama Mountain View Point.As an event, it may be good to write each other's feelings in a letter and post it.If you send a letter at this post, it will be postmarked with "Ise", which cannot be found at other post offices.It's also nice to enjoy the view of the ria coast below while relaxing in the footbath.

* Recommended information for Asakuma is (Click here for the guidelines.) Also check!

・ Ise Sotomiya approach Ise Shinsen

Ise Sotomiya Sando Ise Shinsen is a new style inn that combines the relaxation of an inn with the comfort of a hotel.A 1-minute walk from Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station, this travel villa has two types of guest rooms, a Western-style room and a Japanese-Western style room, all with an open-air bath.It is a nice point that you can enjoy delicious food and open-air baths, and it is also a good location to go out looking for a bar with a nice atmosphere.

・ Ancient Rest Inn Iku

Staying in Ise and enjoying the city of Ise while worshiping is the real pleasure of traveling in Ise.One Ancient Rest Inn Iku is a great place to slowly be surrounded by the forest of Ise.The old-fashioned ryokan is located a 15-minute walk from Okage Yokocho, and you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere and lush scenery.This inn is recommended for those who want to visit Naiku early in the morning.

・ Sainomiya

About 15 minutes by car from Ise Jingu, Sainomiya is a gorgeous inn with the motif of the phantom palace "Sainomiya".All rooms are equipped with an open-air bath and a bed with a canopy, and are ornately decorated to remind you of dynasty culture.At Saio's inn, you can enjoy the extraordinary life of a time trip during the time of Saio (the princess who served Amaterasu Omikami at Ise Jingu).

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