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Let's ride in Ise!Various buses

Those who come to Ise by public transportation have more opportunities to use the bus.We will feature various attractive buses running in Ise!

CAN Basu

CAN Bus is a bus with a route that goes around the sightseeing spots from Ise to Toba.
"From Ise" and "From Toba" run once an hour.
The blue body is designed with the letters "CAN Bus" and pop illustrations about Ise-Shima, making it a bus that you can see at a glance.

The route (reverse course from Toba) and sightseeing spots around each bus stop are as shown in the table below.

① In front of Ujiyamada StationThe statue of Eiji Sawamura and the ruins of his birthplace are nearby.
② In front of Ise city stationThe easiest station to reach the outer shrine.Meals around the approach. It is a XNUMX-minute walk from the JR exit.
③ In front of the outer shrineIt is a bus stop right in front of the outer shrine.The Sengukan is also here.Geku ⇔ Naiku bus movement base
④ In front of Jingu MuseumIt is in front of the Jingu Museum, Agricultural Museum, and Jingu Museum.
⑤ In front of Isuzugawa stationThe cafe restaurant orange cafe wood is in front of the station.Electric E-bike rental is available (reservation required).
⑥ Nakamura TownClick here for the Imperial Grand Shrine Annex and Tsukiyomi-no-miya.
⑦ In front of Sarutahiko ShrineIt is in front of Sarutahiko Shrine.It is also close to the northern end of Oharaimachi.
⑧ In front of Jingu KaikanAccommodation Bus stop in front of Jingu Hall.Thanks to Okage Yokocho, it is the closest bus stop.
⑨ Naiku MaeIt is a bus stop right in front of Naiku Uji Bridge.It is also close to the southern tip of Oharaimachi.
⑩ In front of Jingu KaikanGo back the way you came. It is the bus stop on the opposite side of the bus stop ⑧, right in front of Jingu Hall.
⑪ In front of Sarutahiko ShrineGo back the way you came. It is on the other side of the bus stop ⑦.
⑫ Sun ArenaIt is in front of Mie Prefectural Sun Arena.
⑬ Futamiura OmotesandoIt is near JR Futaminoura Station and near the starting point of the approach to Futamiokitama Shrine (about XNUMX minutes on foot) from the station.It is in front of the Futamiura Tourist Information Center.
⑭ In front of Futami General BranchIt is in front of the Futami General Branch in Ise City.
⑮ Meotoiwahigashi Exit / In front of Ise Sea ParadiseIt is a bus stop about XNUMX minutes on foot to Futamiokitama Shrine and Meotoiwa in the precincts.It is right in front of Ise Sea Paradise and Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho.
⑯ Folk story station in front of SominIt is in front of the folk story station Somin.Futami Shobu Romantic Forest is also here.
⑰ IkenoraIt is near the Sea Town Travel Inn Souhou and the Makonde Art Museum.
⑱ Toba Bus CenterIt is a bus terminal in Toba City.
⑲ Toba Aquarium, Mikimoto Pearl IslandIt is near Toba Aquarium and Mikimoto Pearl Island.
⑳ Toba Seaside HotelToba Seaside Hotel.

◆ CAN bus timetableClick here for the guidelines.

Sangu Bus

The Sangu Bus is the only bus that goes to Mt.
The moss green body is designed with the words "Sangu Bus" and pictures of sightseeing spots in Ise, making it a bus that you can see at a glance.
There are XNUMX round trips a day on weekends and holidays.Please note that it does not run on weekdays.

If the route is "Isuzugawa Station ⇒ Yamagami Koen (Asakumayama Observatory)", Isuzugawa Station ⇒ Urata Town ⇒ Kongo Tanji ⇒ Yamagami Koen
It has become. "Yamagami Koen ⇒ Isuzugawa Station" runs on the reverse course.The boarding time is about XNUMX minutes from the station to Yamagami Koen. Kongoshoji After visiting Okunoin, why not enjoy the post in the sky and the footbath?
Introducing the Asakuma areaClick here for the guidelines..

◆ Sangu Bus timetableClick here for the guidelines.

Shinto Bus

The tram "Shinto Line", which opened in Ise in XNUMX, was discontinued in XNUMX.The Shinto Bus was reborn as a bus on the Shinto Line.
It is manufactured based on the last vehicle that was active as a tram, and you may think that the tram is running.It is a vehicle that looks good in photos.
It runs as a circulation bus between the outer and inner shrines.

◆ The timetable of Shinto BusClick here for the guidelines.

Shinto Liner

This is the first connected bus in Mie prefecture, with a total length of 18m and a seating capacity of 113 people.Because it is a limited express, the stop station is "Ise-shi station → Sotomiya-mae → Isuzugawa station → Naiku-mae" from the station, and "Naiku-mae → Jingu Kaikan-mae → Sarutahikojinjama-mae → Ise-shi station front →" from Naiku to the station. Only in front of the outer shrine.Let's see what the connection is like!

◆ The timetable of Shinto LinerClick here for the guidelines.

Pokemon electric bus

The eco-friendly electric bus is designed around electric-type Pokemon such as "Pikachu", which is very popular with children.It can travel about 50 km on a single charge, and the amount of carbon dioxide reduction is "the amount absorbed by XNUMX cedar trees" compared to the case where a diesel bus under the same conditions travels XNUMX round trips a day for XNUMX year. Become.Contribute to SDGs efforts, such as being able to be used as an emergency power source in the event of a disaster!There are a lot of Pokemon in the car.In the open space of "Outer Miyamae" where the Pokemon electric bus stops, there is a manhole cover "Pokefuta" on which Mijumaru of Mie cheering Pokemon is drawn.Look for this too!
(The driving route is the outer shrine inner shrine circulation (51 system, 55 system), XNUMX round trips a day.)

◆ The timetable for the Pokemon Electric BusClick here for the guidelines.

Extra edition! Oshawott Bus

Two local buses in Toba City are wrapped in Mijumaru Design and operate mainly in Toba City.One of the photos may be on the Ise Toba Line (route outline: Iseshi Station ⇔ Ujiyamada Station ⇔ Kawasaki ⇔ Futami ⇔ Toba Bus Center), so you can see it in Ise City. There is sex.The service section and time are not decided in advance, so when you can see it, you are super lucky!is.

◆ For more information on Mijumaru BusClick here for the guidelines.

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Pokémon, Pokémon and Pokémon are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak.

Information of sale! Michikusaki ticket

The Michikusaki ticket is a convenient and affordable free ticket for those who take a lot of buses for sightseeing. In addition to "2DAY (adults XNUMX yen, children XNUMX yen)" and "XNUMXDAY (adults XNUMX yen, children XNUMX yen)", there are three types, "wide (adults XNUMX yen, children XNUMX yen)" that can be used in a wide area for XNUMX days. there is.Some tourist facilities offer discounts, so please use them wisely according to your stay and destination.

◆ For more information on Michikusa ticketsClick here for the guidelines.

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