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Convenient digital coupons for sightseeing in Ise and walking around Kawasaki Town "Invitation to Kawasaki Kuramachi" App

A convenient and profitable digital coupon "Invitation to Kawasaki Kuramachi" that will make your Kawasaki town walk a more fulfilling trip.The app supports your trip with convenient functions such as digital coupons and automatic creation of recommended sightseeing plans.Why don't you download the app "Horai" and enjoy the streets of Kawasaki while visiting Ise?

Take a walk around the city of Kawasaki with the digital coupon "Invitation to Kawasaki Kuramachi"

The town of Kawasaki, which is lined with townhouses with unique gabled roofs, is a back road leading to Ise Jingu and Naiku, and is visited by many pilgrims who feel a different atmosphere from the Sangu Kaido.The “Kawasaki Kuramachi Invitation Letter” will help you enjoy a more fulfilling trip while walking around Kawasaki, which retains the townscape of the Edo period.

"Kawasakigura Machi e Invitation" distributes digital coupons that allow you to receive various benefits when walking around the town using a smartphone app.

By using 3 digital coupons, you can receive various benefits to enjoy your visit to Ise, such as experiences unique to Ise and local cuisine.You can easily purchase it with your smartphone, and realize a contactless, safe, and smart walking tour of Kawasaki.

The Kawasaki version of "Ise's Kitchen Invitation to Kawasaki Warehouse Town" can be used at about 11 stores in Kawasaki!

We will introduce in detail the Kawasaki edition "Invitation to Kawasaki Kuramachi", which was developed following the currently available Geku / Naiku edition "Ise Sanmachi Walking Coupon".

Stores and Coupon Contents Where You Can Use “Ise Kitchen Kawasaki Kuramachi Invitation Letter”

Introducing stores where digital coupons can be used and benefits.


"Inase" is a sushi restaurant in a renovated old-fashioned private house, and its sushi, which mainly uses local seafood, is very popular with the locals.

If you use one coupon, you can order the Inase Course, which normally costs 1 yen, at a discounted price of 4,400 yen (Reservation required).

Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall

Consisting of seven storehouses and two buildings, the Ise Kawasaki Merchant Museum is a cultural facility that represents Kawasaki and is a recommended spot for sightseeing.

For Advance Reservations: is required, but there is a service of "admission fee + guided tour + Essider & Essider picture postcard gift" with one coupon.

Machiya Tofu Bank

"Machiya Tofu Bankai" is a tofu restaurant with an attached workshop, where you can enjoy delicious tofu dishes in a tasteful restaurant that was renovated from a 100-year-old private house.At the attached workshop, you can experience making tofu and sell goods.

By using 2 coupons, you can enjoy Kawasaki Gozen and handmade tofu experience.

Kawasaki storehouse

“Kawasakigura” is a coffee shop that was built using the warehouse of a Kawasaki merchant.While retaining the retro feel of the storehouse, you can relax in the stylishly renovated store. (*Temporarily closed as of September

One coupon use privilege is Kawasaki dessert coffee set with Nakamura Kobo coffee and Yamamura Nyugyo soft serve, which is famous for Ise citizens.

Waguya store

"Waguya Shoten" is a long-established pottery wholesaler that has been in business since the Edo period, and part of the store has become a "Machikado Museum" certified by the Ise Machikado Museum Steering Committee, where valuable items preserved from the Edo period are displayed. It's on display.

A visit to Kawasaki's historical collection storehouse + a gift of 1,000 yen worth of crockery is a benefit of using one coupon.

Shioyu/Okageburokan Asahiyu

"Shioyu/Okagefurokan Asahiyu" is a public bath with various types of baths, such as open-air baths and electric massage baths.

The benefits of one coupon are Ise-san course (bathing, far-red sauna, rental towel, wash set) + drink after bathing (up to 1 yen) + commemorative gift for coming to the public bath.

Oyster Tomo

"Kaki no Tomo" is an oyster restaurant with a variety of menus centered on oyster dishes using local oysters.

The benefit of using two coupons is a fried oyster lunch set (three fried oysters + rice + miso soup + pickles) (Weekday daytime special offer).

moon fish

"Tsuki no Uo" is an accessory shop in a renovated warehouse of a sugar wholesaler, and mainly sells cute handmade miscellaneous goods.

If you use one coupon, you can choose a set of 1 postcards or gauze handkerchiefs in the "naniIRO" brand gauze hand towel.

Museum Florist Maniera

"Hanabutsu Hanaya Maniera" is a flower shop that offers rare flowers and playful materials to make your favorite flower gift.

With 3 coupons, you can have fresh flowers arranged by a professional, so it is recommended as a gift.

Sakatoku Kombu (酒徳昆布)

“Shutoku Konbu” is a long-established kelp shop founded in 45.The kombu made with the skillful skill of kombu craftsmen is a time-honored kombu that has been presented to the Ise Grand Shrine, so please enjoy it.

If you use one coupon, you can get a gift of an Ise souvenir in addition to a tour of oboro kelp shavings.


“Wakamatsuya” is a long-established kamaboko specialty store with its main store in Kawasaki.Octopus sticks and hiryuzu are very popular menu items in Okage Yokocho.

If you use one coupon, you can experience making chopsticks and choose a fish-shaped bamboo stick or a freshly fried octopus stick, cheese stick, and hiryozu (Reservation required).

Invitation to Kawasakiguramachi special site

The above information is as of September 2022 when the article was published.Click here for details and the latest information on benefits"Invitation to Kawasaki Warehouse Town" Special SiteCheck it out from

How to use and purchase "Ise's Kitchen Invitation to Kawasaki Warehouse Town"

Flow from application to experience

  1. Please prepare a smartphone with NFC function.
  2. Download the smartphone app "Horai" and set up your email address and personal information.
  3. Select "Invitation to Ise's kitchen Kawasaki warehouse town" in the app
  4. Select "Buy" and enter your credit card information
  5. Purchase completed!Please enjoy the trip of walking around Kawasaki town.

How to purchase "Invitation to Ise's kitchen Kawasaki warehouse town"

You can purchase the “Kawasakigura Machi no Invitation” from the store page in the Horai app (3 yen for a pack of 3,080).Coupons purchased are valid for 180 days from the date of purchase.

Click the button below to download the smartphone app "Horai".

How to use digital coupons in stores

Using digital coupons is very easy.Simply hold your smartphone over the dedicated reader at stores where coupons are available and show the coupon screen to the store clerk.

For further information, please read How to use the special site.

In October, we plan to develop the 10rd Futami edition!Supporting trips in the Futami area

Digital coupons jointly issued by "Ise Machizukuri Co., Ltd.", which is engaged in various projects to develop Ise City, and "Horai", a sightseeing navigation app that specializes in visiting local cultural spots and contemporary art.

The first stage "Ise Sanmachi Walking Coupon" can be used at stores around the Outer Shrine and Inner Shrine.In the second stage, "Invitation to Kawasaki Kuramachi", which tours Kawasaki with its elegant kurazukuri buildings, is being developed.

The Town Walking Coupon, which can be easily purchased from a smartphone and has a wealth of benefits, is recommended for those planning a trip to Ise-Shima.Currently, the "Ise Sanmachi Walking Coupon" (currently still available for purchase) and the second "Invitation to Kawasaki Kuramachi" are being developed, but the third Futami version is scheduled to be released in October, so Check out future developments!

The first “Ise Sanmachi Walking Coupon”

XNUMXnd "Invitation to Ise's kitchen Kawasaki warehouse town"

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