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You can freely change the time and course!
Rental bicycle feature

Moving is an integral part of travel.Waiting time or limited destinations.Want more freedom?If you rent a bicycle, the destination and departure time are up to you.We will introduce how to enjoy your own Ise sightseeing while feeling the culture and wind of Ise.

You can choose where to go and when.Avoid the crowds and enjoy sightseeing comfortably!

In this special feature, we will introduce rental bicycles operated by the Ise City Tourism Association and cycling courses.
There are 3 places where you can rent a bicycle, and you can choose from city bicycles and electric assist bicycles.There is also an electric assist, so you can easily go on slopes.You can decide where to go and when, and above all, it feels great!Why don't you consider renting a bicycle as one of the ways to go around?

This article is perfect for:

  • Interested in renting a bicycle
  • Those who want to go sightseeing freely without being bound by time
  • Those who want to avoid congestion and waiting in transit
  • Those who found a nice shop but don't have transportation

Please see the special site from the URL below for types of rental bicycles, fees, and rental locations.
*Currently, it is very popular.If you have a fixed schedule, we recommend that you make a reservation.

Cycling course

We will guide you through a course that goes around the standard areas of Ise.We also introduce spots around the course, so please enjoy it while taking a detour.

  • 01. Geku/Naiku Course ~Take the Miyuki Road~
  • 02. Outer Shrine/Inner Shrine Course ~Take the Old Town Road~
  • 03. Kawasaki Course ~Go through the streets of Ise's kitchen storehouses~
  • 04. Futami Course ~Take a tour of the land of Misogi to purify yourself~
  • 05. [Limited Time] Sakura Course

You can choose a course from the menu on the upper left of GoogleMap.

01.Outer Shrine/Inner Shrine Course ~Take the Miyuki Road~

You will cycle along Miyuki Road, which connects Toyouke Daijingu (Geku) and Kotai Jingu (Naiku) of Ise Jingu.

Miyuki Road is an approach that connects the outer and inner shrines of Ise Jingu, and is about 6km long.The road was built in 43 for Emperor Meiji's visit to Ise Jingu, and it was the first road to be paved in Ise City.
Along the route, there are many detour spots such as Jingu Chokokan, Yamatohimegu Shrine, Tsukiyomigu Shrine, and cafes.On the way back, take the shortest route to Naiku and Geku on Mikimoto Road.

●Course content
Total distance XNUMXkm

[Rental/return location]
Gekumae Tourist Service Center

Geku-mae Tourist Service Center → Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station/Eiji Sawamura Statue → Kakunooka Ruins → Kamiokukaya Shrine → Yamatohime Shrine → Ise Otorii Gate → Tsukiyomigu Shrine/Yoshihara Shrine → Oharaimachi → Naiku → Geku-mae Tourist Service Center

◯ Outer Shrine Tourist Service Center
We are renting here.We have 7 city bicycles and 5 electric assist bicycles.

◯ Geku (Toyouke Grand Shrine)
For this route, let's visit Geku first before renting a bicycle.

◯ Naiku (Kotai Jingu)
In front of the Naiku, there is a bicycle parking lot in front of the Uji Bridge.Stop following the instructions of the security guards.

There are also cafes and gourmet spots near the course, so please refer to this special feature and drop by.

02. Outer Shrine/Inner Shrine Course ~Take the Old Town Road~

Before the Miyuki Road was built, it was the only road connecting the Outer Shrine and the Inner Shrine.Furuichi roadhad.The old highway is part of the Ise Kaido and prospered as a transportation route for many people during the Edo period.Due to fires and air raids, almost nothing remains of that time, and today, the Mayaki Ryokan conveys the atmosphere of that time.We will head to Sarutahiko Shrine and Naiku while stopping by the Isekuni Sangu Kaido Museum where you can see what it was like back then.

●Course content
total distance about XNUMXkm

[Rental/return location]
Iseshi Station Baggage Storage

Iseshi Station Luggage Storage → Nagamine Shrine →
Ise Furuichi Sangu Highway Museum→Sarutahiko Shrine→
Oharaimachi Street → In front of Naiku
→Iseshi Station Luggage Storage

◯ Iseshi Station Baggage Storage
We are renting it here. It is located on the east side of Ise City Station JR side. We have 12 city cycles, 15 electric assist bikes, and 3 E-bikes.

◯ Oharaimachi Street
Although it is not for pedestrians only, it is often crowded even on weekdays, so please think about safety when walking.

◯Ise Highway
The mountain between Geku and Naiku is called "Ainoyama".Obezaka on the Geku side and Ushitanizaka on the Naiku side can be easily climbed with electric power.

03.Kawasaki Course 〜Going through the townscape of Ise's kitchen storehouses〜

Kawasaki used the Seta River to supply commodities to worshipers, and was known as the "Ise Kitchen" because it prospered as a wholesale district.Even today, the townscape of the Edo period remains, and you can go around on a rental bicycle while feeling the atmosphere of those days and the wind of the Seta River.

●Course content
total distance about XNUMXkm

[Rental/return location]
Iseshi Station Baggage Storage

Iseshi Station Baggage Storage → Along the Seta River →
Ise Kawasaki Merchant Museum → Kawasaki River Station →
Nakamura Coffee→Iseshi Station Luggage Storage

◯ Isekawasaki Merchant Museum
A long-established sake wholesaler "Ogawa Liquor Store" founded in the middle of the Edo period has been restored and renovated as a historical and cultural exchange center while retaining the atmosphere of the merchant town of Kawasaki.

◯Kawasaki river station
You can take a break while watching the Seta River on the deck. In the museum on the 2nd floor, photographs of the townscape from the Showa era are displayed.

◯Nakamura Coffee
A famous store that served coffee at the Ise-Shima Summit moved to its new location last November.
We also have sweets such as chocolate and canelé.

There are many popular Ise udon shops and traditional long-established shops around the course.Please refer to the special feature below.

04.Futami Route ~Futami's Shrine and Meoto-iwa Rocks, the City of Misogi and Salt

Since ancient times, Futami has been visited by many visitors as a place of purification before visiting Ise Jingu.
We also continue to make the salt that is used for Shinto rituals at the shrine.
It is a course that goes around shrines and spots related to these.

●Course content
total distance about XNUMXkm

[Rental/return location]
Futamiura Tourist Information Center

Futamiura Tourist Information Center → Katata Shrine →
Futami Shrine → Takagi Shrine → Mishiodono Shrine →
Futami Okitama Shrine/Meotoiwa → Futamiura Tourist Information Center

◯Futamiura Tourist Information Center
A convenient base for sightseeing, located a 4-minute walk from JR Futamiura Station.Luggage storage service is also available.

◯Meotoiwa Omotesando
After passing through the ryokan town, a row of pine trees spreads out to Futamiura Beach.Futami Okitama Shrine and Meotoiwa rocks are ahead.

◯ Near the mouth of the Isuzu River
It runs near the mouth of the Isuzu River, which flows from Ise Grand Shrine (Naiku) and flows into Ise Bay.

05. [Limited time offer] Sakura course

In 2023, the cherry blossom forecast for Ise City is March 3th.Various events will be held accordingly.The pleasant temperature is perfect for renting a bicycle.We will introduce cherry blossom spots that can be visited by rental bicycles in Ise City.
*Please note that there is a return time for rental bicycles, although information on lighting up is also posted.

  1. Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park
  2. Isuzu River bank
  3. Former Toyomiyazaki Bunko
  4. Hinokijiri River
  5. Miyagawa Love River Park

Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park

It has been selected as one of the 100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan by the Japan Cherry Blossom Association.It is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the prefecture.
The cherry blossoms will be illuminated from 3:25 to 4:9 from March 18th to April 21th.
Miyagawa embankment Sakura light up

Isuzu Riverembankment

You can enjoy Somei Yoshino and weeping cherry along the Isuzu River from Uji Bridge.
A cherry blossom festival is held at the peak of cherry blossom season, and the area is lit up from 19:21 to XNUMX:XNUMX.
Isuzu River Sakura Festival

Former Toyomiyazaki Bunko
There are oyanezakura and someiyoshino that have been enacted as trees in Ise City.It will be released for a limited time.
Oyanezakura public information

Hinokijiri River
It is a first-class river that flows through Funae, a little northwest of the Kawasaki area.Rows of cherry blossom trees continue along the river.

Miyagawa Love River Park
It is a park where people of all ages can enjoy sports and playground equipment along the Miyagawa River.

What did you think.
Now you can get a lot of information about new wonderful stores and spots from your smartphone such as SNS and news.If you rent a bicycle, you can easily go at your own pace even if you are in the center or a shop outside the transportation route.It feels good to ride a bicycle in an unknown land.
Please use it when you come to Ise.

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