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Sunrise/moonrise feature

Blessed with seafood and nature, Ise-Shima actually has many spots where you can enjoy beautiful sunrises and moonrises.
The timing to see the beautiful sunrise and moonrise is limited, but if the time is right, you can see the scenery that will remain in your heart.
How about enjoying the sunrise and moonrise when you go sightseeing in Ise-Shima?

Sunrise and Moonrise at Ise-Shima

The time of sunrise and moonrise varies depending on the season, but the sunrise time in Ise-Shima is from around 4:40 to 7:XNUMX.
The full moon can be seen from around 17:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX depending on the time of year.

Introduction of recommended spots where you can see the sunrise and moonrise

Recommended spots for sunrise and moonrise in Ise-Shima include Meoto-iwa rocks at Futami Okitama Shrine, Asama summit observatory, and Ise-jingu Naiku Uji Bridge.Along with introducing each spot, we will also introduce recommended shooting times.

Meoto Iwa (Married Couple Rocks)

The two rocks on the Futamiura coast are called "couple rocks" because they are close to each other like a married couple.
The Meoto-iwa rocks are located at Futami Okitama Shrine, which is a shrine that offers blessings such as road opening, purification, marriage, and marital harmony.
Every year on May 5th, September 5th, and mid-December Saturdays, the Daishimenawahari Shinji ritual, in which the shimenawa that connects the two rocks of the Meotoiwa Rocks is replaced, is held.

Sunrise at Meotoiwa

The sunrise from the Meoto-iwa rocks can be seen from May to July, and the sunrise between the Meoto-iwa rocks illuminates the rocks and the sea divinely.If the time is right, you can take pictures of the Meoto-iwa rocks illuminated by the sun for posting on social media.
The shooting spot of the aim is around the Gihoju (second from the right facing the sea) of Fujimi Bridge in the precincts.

During the summer solstice, depending on the weather, you may be able to see Mt. Fuji, so it is important to check the weather in Ise-Shima and Shizuoka Prefecture in advance in order to see the sunrise and Mt. Fuji together.
There is a festival on the day of the summer solstice, and there is a high possibility that the precincts will be crowded on that day, so we recommend a week before or after the sunrise to see the sunrise.

Meotoiwa Moonrise

The 10 full moon nights between October and January are the best times to enjoy the moonrise over Meotoiwa. You can enjoy the fantastic scenery of Meotoiwa.
Its mysterious and memorable scenery attracts many worshipers and photographers from all over the country.When shooting, it is not possible to secure a spot in advance with a tripod, etc., so it is important to arrive early when taking pictures of the beautiful moonrise.

Asakuma Summit Observation Deck/Ise-Shima Skyline

Ise-Shima Skyline is a 16.3km long driveway in the sky that connects Ise City and Toba City.Along the way, you will see the highest observation deck in Ise-Shima, ``Asakuma Summit Observation Deck,'' ``Tenku Post,'' which is said to be a sacred place for lovers, and ``Kongoshoji Temple,'' a temple that protects the demon gate of the shrine, and is a filming location for the movie ``Yowamushi Pedal.'' It also became the ground.
▶ Business hours
7:00 ~ 19:00
*Open from 8:7 to 00:20 only in August.

Sunrise at Asakuma Summit Observation Deck/Ise-Shima Skyline

The observatory at the top of Mt. Asama, which is one of the XNUMX scenic views of Japan, has long been known as a place to worship the sunrise from afar, and offers a panoramic view of Ise Bay and the sunrise.
Depending on the weather, you may be able to see Mt. Fuji and Mt. Ontake from the upper left of Kamishima.

Kongo Shoji Temple "Kaizankin" on Mt. Asama will also be open early in the morning (6:27 to 28:2) on June 5th and 00th.
It will be open all night from 12:31 am on December 7st to 1:1 on January 19st to coincide with the first sunrise of the year.Every year, there is also the behavior of Mt. Asama's first day soup [limited quantity].

The public transportation to get to the top of the mountain on the Ise-Shima Skyline is the Sangu Bus (only available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
Sangu Bus detailsplease use this form.
It is convenient to come by car, and other than a private car, chartering a taxi or renting a car are options.You can also climb the mountain in about XNUMX hours.Information on Mt.Asama trailplease use this form.

Moonrise at Asakuma Summit Observation Deck/Ise-Shima Skyline

In addition, the Asama Observatory is famous as a sunrise spot, but around the end of business hours, you can appreciate the night view and the moonrise that spreads over the Ise Plains.
On days when fireworks are held in Ise and Toba, it is open until 22:1, so you can see the fireworks from the top of the mountain.Mt. Fuji and the full moon may overlap once every few years.

Ise Grand Shrine Inner Shrine (Uji Bridge)

Uji Bridge, which is counted as one of Japan's 101.8 famous bridges, is a wooden bridge with a length of XNUMXm at the entrance of Ise Jingu Naiku.The bridge over the Isuzu River connects the Ise Kaido and the sacred precincts, and there are large torii gates on both sides of the bridge.
The Uji Bridge of the Ise Jingu Naiku has right-hand traffic.

Sunrise at Ise Jingu Naiku (Uji Bridge)

Around 11:1 in the morning from late November to late January, you can see the beautiful sunrise over the Uji Bridge of the Naiku.
The sun rising from the torii gate in front of the Uji Bridge is beautiful, and you can enjoy a beautiful view that can only be seen here, combined with the sacred air of the inner shrine.It is recommended to come to Ujibashi-mae early as it gets crowded during the time when you can see the beautiful sunrise.

Moonrise at Ise Jingu Naiku (Uji Bridge)

The moonrise from Naiku Uji Bridge is also worth seeing.The best time to see the moonrise is during the full moon near the summer solstice.
In addition to the moonrise, on rare days with a weak wind, a moon pillar (a phenomenon in which the moonlight extends like a pillar) can be seen.

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