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8 Exquisite Sushi Specials in Ise City

Sushi that is perfect for tasting fresh seafood that you can't usually taste at the table.This time, we will introduce carefully selected recommended restaurants from sushi restaurants in Ise City.When you visit Ise, please enjoy the exquisite sushi that is unique to Ise, such as fresh seafood nigiri sushi and local cuisine tekone sushi.

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A treasure trove of seafood!Mie seafood and Ise sushi restaurant

Speaking of Mie prefecture, fresh seafood.Many seafood are landed in Mie prefecture, and there are many sushi restaurants in the prefecture, which can be said to be a treasure trove of sushi.Depending on the area, you can enjoy various unique sushi ingredients from orthodox to unusual varieties in Mie prefecture.For example, tekone sushi, a local dish of Ise-Shima, which is famous as a tourist destination, is popular as fisherman's rice.In an era when you couldn't buy a convenience store lunch and bring it with you like in the present age, tekone sushi was useful to ama and fishermen as a delicious dish that you can easily make during busy work.The cooking process of mixing freshly caught bonito by hand is said to be the origin of the name tekone sushi.In addition to tekone sushi, there are Higashi-Kishu Mehari sushi, saury sushi and local dishes related to sushi.
In Ise, a city in Mie prefecture where you can enjoy mountain and seafood, there are many attractive sushi restaurants that will appeal to sushi lovers.Come and enjoy delicious sushi.


Thanks to Okage Yokocho's famous local restaurant "Sushikyu"

"Sushikyu" is located in Okage Yokocho, a tourist attraction in Ise that is crowded with worshipers.Thanks to Okage Yokocho, it is one of the representative restaurants, and Sushikyu's bonito sushi is famous as a specialty dish.Thanks to Okage Yokocho, Sushikyu is recommended for lunch when visiting Ise Jingu.

Sushihisa's signboard menu!Bonito sushi

Sushikyu's sushi is very popular with worshipers and tourists, and the sweet and spicy soy sauce goes well with thick bonito fillets.Koshihikari rice produced in Oito is used for the sushi rice that has a satisfying taste.There are three types of sushi, pine (2,600 yen), bamboo (1,930 yen), and plum (1,310 yen), depending on the price range. The more expensive the sushi, the more garnished dishes will be.

Address20 Uji Nakanogiri-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-27-0229
Opening hours11: 00-17: 30 (LO17:00) 
Closing daysOpen all year round
ParkingYes: Approximately 1500 cars (paid municipal parking lot)
Access● Access from the station
30 minutes walk from Isuzugawa Station
● Access from the bus stop
Mie Kotsu Sotomiya Naiku Line 01 Get off at Jingu Kaikan-mae and walk 4 minutes
Mie Kotsu Ise Futami Toba Tour Line 01 Get off at Naiku Mae, 4 minutes walk
Mie Kotsu Ise Shukuura Line 01 Get off at Ujiuratacho and walk 5 minutes

Sushi Inase

"Inase", a sushi restaurant that looks like a mansion along the river

"Ise Sushiya Inase" is located on the banks of the Seta River, with the concept of "highest-class hospitality with special sushi and special sake."The renovated old folk house has a historic exterior, and jazz is played in the modern interior.
Inside the tatami-matted store, there are side-by-side counter seats and private rooms where you can enjoy sushi and local sake in a relaxed atmosphere.

Inase course where you can choose 3 favorite stories

Inase (4,400 yen), which is one of the course menus, is a recommended menu bearing the name of the restaurant.There is no doubt that you will be highly satisfied with the set menu that includes 5 types of sushi, 3 types of nigiri sushi, tempura, XNUMX small bowls, chawanmushi, dessert, etc. that you can choose from today's recommendations.The sushi ingredients and small bowls offered vary depending on the season, so you can always enjoy it in a fresh mood.

Affordable lunch course of Inase

The weekday lunch-only course menu style (2,200 yen) is a set menu with more colorful seafood chirashizushi than nigiri sushi, and it has more volume than the price.There are several course menus in Inase, but it is a nice point that you can order additional course menus.

Address5-1-35 Kamiku, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-26-0008
Opening hours11:30-14:00
Closing daysMondays and irregular holidays
Access● Access from the station
16 minutes walk from Ujiyamada station 17 minutes walk from Iseshi station
● Access from the bus stop
Get off at Funae on the Mie Kotsu Ominato Line and walk for 7 minutes

Culinary Arts Sushi Katsura Geku

"Culinary Arts Sushi Katsura Sotomiya" is recommended for preparing your stomach on the way to Ise sightseeing

"Culinary Arts Sushi Katsura Sotomiya", located near Iseshi Station, is a restaurant where you can enjoy Mie specialties such as tekone sushi, Ise udon, Matsusaka beef, and Ise shrimp.It is close to the station and has an eat-in space for light meals, so it is easy to stop by when sightseeing in Ise.There is also a private room for banquets in the spacious store, and it is recommended to visit with groups or children.
Matsusaka beef shigure roll, which is one of the souvenir menus, is very popular as a souvenir.

Ise's specialty is cooking sushi at Katsura Sotomiya!Katsushi-style tekone sushi

Katsura-style tekone sushi (1,480 yen) is a tekone sushi with a lot of ingredients using tuna and sea bream (with a small bowl and red sardines).Iga rice enhances the taste of fresh fish in the characteristic soy sauce with the scent of ginger, making it a dish that goes well with food.
When cooking, the water content of the rice is adjusted according to the season, and the rice is cooked.

Shinsen bowl colored with Ise-Shima's specialty ingredients!

Gozen-don Gozen (1,500 yen) is a gorgeous menu with red tuna, small bowls, and salad, centered on Ise tuna, and seafood chirashizushi with colorful ingredients such as sea bream, squid, and salmon roe.Shinsen is an important food, and in order to be certified as a Shinsen bowl, it is necessary to meet various strict conditions such as using ingredients and rice from Mie prefecture.

Address17-16 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Inquiries 0596-28-3001
Opening hours[Monday-Friday] 11: 00-15: 00 (L / O 14:30)
16: 30-22: 00 (L / O 21:30)
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 11: 00-22: 00 (Lunch is open until 16:30)
Closing daysWednesday
Access● Access from the station
2 minutes walk from Iseshi Station (South Exit) 7 minutes walk from Ujiyamada Station
● Access from the bus stop
Get off at Seibu Bus Ise-Toba Line Iseshi Ekimae and walk for 2 minutes
Mie Kotsu Nakagawa Line 01 Get off at Ise City Station, 3 minutes walk

Kappou Daiki

A long-established store "Kappo Daiki" with a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency and Jingu Shrine

Located in front of Ujiyamada Station, the long-established restaurant "Kappo Daiki", which has been in business for 76 years, is a Japanese restaurant where the imperial family sometimes take charge of meals when visiting Ise Jingu.
It seems that the threshold is high, but there are also reasonably priced lunch boxes and sushi, so you can feel free to visit.Local dishes such as tekone sushi and shark sauce (dried shark), as well as seasonal dishes are also available.In addition to table seats and counter seats, there are also calm tatami rooms.Those who want a private room are sure to make a reservation in advance.

Assorted Kappo Daiki rice balls where you can enjoy various types of sushi at a low price

Assorted nigiri sushi (1,100 yen) allows you to enjoy nigiri sushi such as lean meat, shrimp, and eggs at a reasonable price.There are also rice balls (2,200 yen) and special rice balls (3,300 yen), which are more luxurious sushi ingredients.

Kaiseki cuisine of Kappou Daiki, where you can enjoy a luxurious time

Kappo Daiki's kaiseki cuisine (starting at 5,500 yen per person) has different menus depending on the season, and you can enjoy all the seasonal ingredients.We are also actively working on local production for local consumption, and the Ise lobster-exhausted course (starting at 11,000 yen) that uses abundant locally produced spiny lobster is also popular.

Address2-1-48 Iwabuchicho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-28-0281
Opening hours11: 00-21: 30 (LO 20:30)
Closing daysIrregular
ParkingYes: 40 units
Access● Access from the station
2 minute walk from Ujiyamada Station
8 minutes walk from Iseshi Station
● Access from the bus stop
Mie Kotsu Nakagawa Line 03 Get off at Ujiyamada Station, 2 minutes walk
Mie Kotsu Nakagawa Line 03 Get off at Fukiage Town, 3 minutes walk

Sushi Gin

Sushi Gin, a long-established sushi restaurant loved by locals

Sushi Gin is a long-established sushi restaurant with a calm appearance in Asahi-cho, Ise City.The delicious nigiri sushi and set meals that you can enjoy at a reasonable price are very popular with locals.There are counter seats and seats in the store.With a wide variety of set meals and assorted menus, this restaurant is recommended not only for those who want to enjoy sushi alone, but also for families.We also take out and deliver, so you can enjoy Sushi Gin sushi at home.

Very popular with locals!Cheap and large volume Asahi set meal recommended by Sushi Gin

Sushi Gin's recommended Asahi set meal (1,200 yen) is a luxurious set meal with 8 pieces of sushi, 2 rolls of sushi, miso soup, and fruits.The reasonably priced and generous set meals are very popular and have many repeaters.
There is also a full menu of set meals other than the Asahi set meal and assorted sushi, and I'm glad that there is also a menu for children.

Luxury tekone sushi with plenty of tuna

Depending on the store, tekone sushi mainly uses bonito, but Sushi Gin's tekone sushi is a gorgeous tekone sushi made with tuna.Thickly cut tuna, ginger and sesame go well together, and the chopsticks are sure to go on.There is also a tekone set meal (1,900 yen) that mainly consists of tekone sushi in the set meal menu.Please enjoy the tekone sushi with the condensed flavor of tuna.

Address 398-8 Asahicho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-23-1396
Opening hours 11:30-14:30
Closing days Monday
Parking Yes
Access ● Access from the station
23 minute walk from Ujiyamada Station
23 minutes walk from Iseshi Station
28 minutes walk from Yamadakamiguchi Station
● Access from the bus stop
Ise City Bus Tsujikuru / Fujisato Route A Around Gyutora Lovely Fujisato Get off at the store and walk 6 minutes

Sushi place Atsumura

“Sushidokoro Atsumura”, a sushi restaurant in Ise that won a Michelin Bib Gourmand

"Sushidokoro Atsumura" in a residential area of ​​Sakuragicho, Ise City.
Sushi Restaurant Atsumura is a restaurant that received the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2019 (one of the Michelin Guide's ratings, recommended restaurants where you can get more satisfaction than the price for less than 6,000 yen).
The general who runs the shop by himself is particular about purchasing ingredients, and uses not only local natural fish but also fresh fish from all over the country that are not available locally.

Volume perfect score!Sushikoro Atsumura's course meal

The course meal (reservation required), limited to 2 or more people, is a set menu of 9 dishes, including assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, seasonal dishes, stews, and soups. This course meal is popular because it is more filling than the price, but because the owner cooks it all by himself, he is able to offer it at this price. There are three price options for course meals: 6,000 yen, 8,500 yen, and 11,000 yen (tax included). Depending on your budget, we can also accommodate more expensive course meals.

Special nigiri sushi that Michelin researcher also ate!

The special nigiri sushi (6,600 yen) is a carefully selected 12 pieces (with red sushi and dessert) that are mainly the recommended high-class sushi of the day, with seasonal natural fish added, and are a platter that Michelin investigators also ate.Come and enjoy the nigiri sushi certified by Michelin Researcher as Bib Gourmand.

Address239 Sakuragicho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-63-8061
Opening hours11:30-14:00
Closing daysMondays (Irregular holidays twice a month)
ParkingYes: 10 units
Access● Access from the station
19 minutes walk from Isuzugawa Station
● Access from the bus stop
Mie Kotsu Get off at Sakuragichoguchi stop on the Kintetsu Yamada line and walk for 1 minute

Sushi Ise kid

Ise City's long-established sushi "Sushi Isekko"

Sushi Isekko is a sushi restaurant located in Obata-cho, Ise City.We mainly provide fish landed in Ise, and it is a long-established store that has been loved by locals for over 40 years.Weekday Saturday lunch lime has a great deal and is recommended.
There are also family seats and banquet seats in the store.

Sushi Ise kid's seafood bowl for a luxurious lunch

Kaisendon (1,100 yen) is one of the 6 types of lunch menu.Among them, the popular seafood bowl has 9 kinds of ingredients such as tuna, shrimp and conger eel, and has a red sardine.The kaisendon, which is full of fresh ingredients and is full of volume, is a matter of concern about what to eat.

Sushi Ise kid's takeaway menu

Sushi Isekko has a wide variety of take-out menus, including menus for 1 to 5 people.In addition to the ingredients shown in the pictures on the menu table, you can also take out assorted favorite ingredients, so you can make your own assortment.

Address781-1 Yuta, Obata-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-23-5600
Opening hours11:00-14:00
Closing daysTuesday * Temporary closure
Access● Access from the station
20 minutes walk from Miyagawa station
● Access from the bus stop
Mie Kotsu Ise Tamaki Line (around B) Get off at Miyachu / MEGA Don Kihote and walk 5 minutes


"Kibun" of sushi and seasonal dishes

Kibun, located about a 6-minute walk from Miyamachi Station, is a sushi and seasonal restaurant that has been around since 23.
Not only sushi but also seasonal dishes such as oden in winter and egg tofu in summer are served, and yakitori and oden are especially popular as one dish.
We also accept take-out of sushi and one-of-a-kind dishes in the store, and if you order from the day before, you can also order from noon.

Assorted sushi with popular ingredients

Kibun's recommended sushi platter is a takeaway menu that contains 7 popular squid, tuna and other popular sushi rolls and a thin roll.Depending on the number of people, there are three types: 1,200 yen for one person, 1,700 yen for one half, and 2,400 yen for two people (silver trays can be prepared for three or more people).Assortment is not limited to a fixed combination, but it can also be used for your favorite grip.

Yakitori, a Kibun specialty that inherits the taste of its predecessor

Yakitori (3 pieces, 520 yen), which is one of the most popular dishes, is a healthy dish of Ise chicken that has been carefully grilled over charcoal, taking over the sauce of the previous owner.Chicken with a charcoal aroma is chewy and goes well with sake.

Address2-7-26 Sone, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-28-3466
Opening hours17:00 - 22:00
Closing daysEvery Thursday, 3rd Wednesday of every month
Access● Access from the station
6 minutes walk from Miyamachi station
14 minutes walk from Iseshi Station
● Access from the bus stop
Mie Kotsu Get off at Amagatsuji on the Aritaki Line and walk for 3 minutes

Ise sushi restaurant that offers high quality sushi

The sushi restaurants that have various specialties depending on the store have different characteristics depending on the store.The sushi restaurant that doesn't turn around has a high threshold, but there are many restaurants that offer take-out and reasonable assortments as well as high-end restaurants, so there are also restaurants that you can visit more easily than you imagined. ..Why don't you try Ise sushi on your way home from work or sightseeing in Ise?

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