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Recommended for train lovers
Photo iron spots and accommodations in Ise City

Ise City, with Ise Jingu and Okage Yokocho, has a strong impression of tourist attractions and gourmet spots, but there are actually hidden photo spots.
In Ise City, there are many train view spots that train fans and children will love, as well as hotels with plans for taking pictures.
In this special feature, we will introduce recommended spots in Ise City that train lovers should definitely visit!

A hotel where you can see the train from your room and a photo spot in Ise City that train lovers can't miss!

 In this special feature, we will introduce train view spots, accommodation plans that train fans will love, and accommodations where you can see the train from the window.
 There are two stations in Ise City that are suitable for starting sightseeing.One is Ujiyamada Station and the other is Iseshi Station.Ujiyamada Station is on the Kintetsu Line, and Iseshi Station is on the Kintetsu and JR lines.
A must-see train for railway fans is the Kintetsu Limited Express, the Ise-Shima Sightseeing Limited Express "Shimakaze" with a sharp body based on blue. (*Shimakaze operates at different times depending on the departure and arrival stations.Kintetsu official websitePlease confirm. )
Iseshi Station is usually around 16:15 on weekdays and XNUMX:XNUMX on weekends, which is when the Kintetsu limited express trains pass.

Good news for railway fans!Ise Photo Iron Spot Town Part XNUMX

First, I would like to introduce a photo iron spot in the city of Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
A must-see for railway fans!

Miyagawa Bridge

Miyagawa Ohashi (Miyagawa Bridge) is a 29.1km iron bridge built in the Meiji era that connects Miyagawa Station and Yamada Kamiguchi Station on the Sangu Line.
The bridge has a double warren truss structure (all diagonals are crossed in an X-shape), and it is a famous train view spot where you can take pictures of the Sangu Line where you can see the scenery of the truss bridge and the Miyagawa River.

Ise north-south highway intersection

The Ise North-South Highway is a 23km trunk road that connects National Route 2.5 to the Prefectural Road Toba-Matsuzaka Line, and is a train view spot with a three-dimensional structure where the JR Sangu Line and Kintetsu Yamada Line intersect.

You can see the train from the front near the Kintetsu Under Box, and from below near the viaduct of the JR grade crossing.

It is a main road that connects Prefectural Route 37 and National Route 23, and can be seen from the vicinity of the "Toyohama Ohashi Minami" intersection.

The road has a lot of traffic, so please be careful and shoot from the sidewalk.

From March to April, the rape blossoms near the railway line bloom, and you can take spring-like shots.

Yamadakamiguchi Station

Yamada-kamiguchi Station is a station on the JR Sangu Line located in Joban 1-chome, Ise City.Currently, it is a station with one track and one track, but there are remnants of the time when it was two lanes, and there is a roundabout of camphor trees and a city area in front of the station.
Yamada-Kamiguchi Station is mostly served by local trains, but there are times in the early morning and at night when the "Rapid Mie" diesel train with its distinctive orange line stops.

Furuichi road

The old highway is about 4 km along the Sangu Kaido, which connects the Geku and Naiku of Ise Jingu. In the past, this road was the only road connecting the Geku and Naiku, so it is a cultural place that was crowded with people visiting Ise.

In the middle of the road is a designated registered tangible cultural property "Asakichi ryokanOrIse City Furuichi Sangu Kaido Museum, where you can feel the charm of the old days of the Ise Kaido while conveying the history of the Furuichi red-light district.Nagamine Shrineand Furuichi Post Office, there is a bridge where you can see trains running on the tracks from above.Please note that there is no parking space nearby.

Shioa Bridge

Shioai Bridge is a bridge in Futami-cho, Ise City, and is a train view spot where you can see trains running over the Isuzu River.

The current railroads in Ise City are the Kintetsu Line and the JR Line, but there used to be a Sangu Railway bound for Geku-mae and a Shinto Train that ran through Ise City.
On the banks of the Isuzu River, there are traces of the tracks of the Shinto Line lined with cherry trees, and there are also several bridge piers of the Shinto Line on the river.

Head to JR Futamiura Station and turn right on the west side of Shioai Bridge.

There is a straight unpaved road before the curve that descends

You can take pictures of the train along the way

If you want to stay, go here!Recommended hotels and accommodations for Toritetsu fans

Next, we will introduce recommended accommodations for Toritetsu fans.
There are hotels that offer photo iron plans, so be sure to check them out!

Ise Pearl Pier Hotel

Reopened in March 2023
Hotel with train view plan

"Ise Pearl Pier Hotel" is located about a 2-minute walk from the north exit of Iseshi Station, and within a 15-minute walk is Ise Jingu Geku, making it a base for sightseeing in Ise.

If you choose the train view plan and stay in a room facing the tracks, you can see the trains running on the Kintetsu line up close.From March this year, the attire will be renewed and reopened.

Name of facilityIse Pearl Pier Hotel
Address2-26-22 Miyajiri, Ise City

Ise City Hotel

A hotel with a good view of the former Ise train ward on the JR side
Overlooking the vehicle detention facility at Iseshi Station

"Ise City Hotel" is a hotel located halfway between Iseshi Station and Ujiyamada Station.The guest room is a twin room with a train view spot, and you can overlook Iseshi Station from the window.

There are several hotels in the vicinity that overlook Iseshi Station, but the Ise City Hotel is a particularly recommended spot for those who want to see the train tracks and train detention facilities of the former Ise train ward on the JR side.

Name of facilityIse City Hotel
Address1-11-31 Fukiage, Ise City

Sanco Inn Ise City Station

You can see both Kintetsu and JR lines
Hotel located in front of Iseshi Station

"Sanco Inn Iseshi Ekimae" is a business hotel located a 2-minute walk from the south exit of Iseshi Station, making it a convenient starting point for visiting Ise Shrine.
It is one of the train view spots overlooking Iseshi Station, and you can see both the Kintetsu and JR lines from the guest rooms on the upper floors on the track side.

From the rooms on the right side of the building, you can easily see the trains bound for Nagoya, and from the left side, you can see the trains bound for Kashikojima.

Name of facilitySanco Inn Ise City Station
Address1-1-1 Miyago, Ise City

Toyoko Inn Iseshi Station

You can see the train from your room or terrace
Business hotel to open in September 2022

"Toyoko Inn Iseshi Station", which opened in September 2022, is a business hotel located a 9-minute walk from Iseshi Station, and it's closer if you get off from the JR side instead of the Kintetsu side. It just opened in September and the interior is very beautiful.

Although it is a little far from the station, there is a shuttle bus from JR Iseshi Station.In addition to the guest rooms, you can see the train from the terrace on the first floor.

Name of facilityToyoko Inn Iseshi Station
Address2-9-11 Ozeko, Ise City
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