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The third installment of the popular series! Nighttime Hama-sangu experience (Futami Okitama Shrine)

- It is an ancient custom to purify yourself at Futami before visiting the shrine. Purify yourself at Futami Okitama Shrine and Hamasangu Shrine in the evening, then visit the shrine the next morning feeling refreshed.

Visiting ancient shrines

In recent years, an increasing number of people have been visiting Ise Jingu to pray in Futami.
Ise City, the Ise City Tourism Association, and JR Central Agency have teamed up to produce an experience perfect for those who wish to make such a visit. It is available exclusively through the EX Service members-only website, "EX Travel Destination Reservations."

What is included in the plan

①Futami Okitama Shrine Night visit to Hamasangu (Misogi)
② Wish strip
③Introductory Book for Visiting Ise

Contents of the experience plan

In this experience plan, a set of an introductory book and a strip of paper to make a wish is included at Hamasangu Shrine at night.
The Ise Shrine Introductory Book is a special content for those who have applied for the plan to know the relationship between Futami and the Jingu before visiting the Jingu, so that they can visit the shrine better.
The introductory book is a special book supervised by both Ise Jingu Shrine and Futami Okitama Shrine that can only be obtained on this tour.
You can write your wishes on the strips of paper and pray at the time of the Hamasangu Shrine at night.
Once you've finished your visit to Hamasangu in the calm and quiet atmosphere of the night, you'll be able to head to the Jingu shrine the next day with a refreshed mind.

Experience plan schedule, etc.

Sunday, July 19, 15, XNUMX:XNUMXpm ※Full moon in Fumizuki
The full moon in July is called the Buck Moon. It is very romantic to watch the ocean and Meoto Iwa rocks illuminated by the moonlight at night. The "Nighttime Hamasangu" is held just as the moon rises. The fantastic scenery will be etched deeply in your mind.
August 19, 15 (Tuesday) XNUMX:XNUMX~ ※Taian (lucky day) August full moon
It is said to be the most auspicious day among the six days of the year, as it means ``very cheap.'' It is said that all things will be auspicious throughout the day, making it the most suitable day for celebrations.
Additionally, this day will be a full blue moon, which can be seen approximately once every two and a half years.
September 19, 15 (Sunday) XNUMX:XNUMX~ ※Autumnal Equinox Day
Autumnal Equinox Day is said to be the day when the length of day and night are equal, and is a national holiday determined by the astronomical term, Autumnal Equinox Day. You can spend a special time on this day to respect and remember your ancestors.
*The moon may not be visible due to weather conditions.

Trial plan fee

3,500 yen per adult (no child price)

About plan application

The application procedure is as follows
① "Click here for the guidelines.Click on
②Click “Apply here”.
③Log in to Smart EX and apply.
※For application, please use JR Tokai "EX service” is required.

Accommodation recommendations from the Ise City Tourism Association

Accommodation near Futami or Iseshi Station is convenient for visiting Hamasangu at night.For reference on where to stayClick here for the guidelines.Or please see the page of the Ryokan Association below. (The experience plan does not include accommodation, so you will need to make your own arrangements for accommodation.)
Futamicho Ryokan Union homepage
Ise City Hotel Association Homepage

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