Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

7/16 (Sun) 14th Futamiura Beach Cleanup Operation


Date and Time 

2023 years 7 month 16 (day)
Reception from 8:XNUMX
Start from 8:XNUMX
*Cancelled in case of rain, carried out in light rain

The meeting place

Futaminoura Beach
For parking, please use the Futamiura beach parking lot.


Gloves, tongs, drinks
*Please take measures against heatstroke

How to apply

DM on SNS to ease reception congestion or
E-mail: Please contact
Walk-ins are also welcome on the day!
Children, students, adults, everyone is welcome!
* Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.

contact information

Futamiura Beach Cleanup Campaign

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