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2022 Hatsumode Ise Jingu worship time


Ise Jingu worship time during the year-end and New Year holidays

Worshiping time

・ December 12st (Friday) from 31am to all day

・ January 1st (Sat) -1th (Tue) All day
* During this period, you can worship all day, including at night.

・ Wednesday, January 1th, midnight to 5:0 pm

・ Thursday, January 1th, 6am to 5pm

・ January 1th (Friday) 7am to 5pm

Ise Jingu Naiku, Geku, and each annex have the same worship time.

During the above hours, the Ofuda and Amulet Awarding Offices are also open.

Please check the Ise Jingu website for worship, prayers, red stamps, and other events in Migaki.

Click here for the Ise Jingu homepage

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