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Rediscovering the charm of the local area ・ Application for purchase reservation of store support gift certificate has started


A gift certificate worth 6,500 yen is sold for 5,000 yen per book

Ise City Local charm rediscovery / store support gift certificate purchase reservation application has started.

Applicants are those who live in Ise City. (Age does not matter)

About application

【How to apply】
Please fill in the required items on the round-trip postcard (see image) and mail it to the gift certificate office in the Ise Chamber of Commerce.

Those who live in Ise city. (Age does not matter)

【Application period】
June 3st (Tuesday) -June 6th (Wednesday), 1rd year of Reiwa
* Postmark is valid

[Number of applications]
You can apply for up to 10 books per person.
* Applications for the second and subsequent books will be drawn by lottery.However, you can always purchase one book per person.

About use

【usage period】
From August 3nd (Monday) to December 8th (Tuesday), 2rd year of Reiwa

[List of stores where gift certificates can be used]

Click here for details on rediscovering the charm of the local area of ​​Ise City and store support gift certificates.

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