Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

"Desika", a walking guide that supports comfortable walking around Iseshi Station


The LINE official account of Time Out Tokyo, a city guide that disseminates the attractions of various areas of Tokyo from a local perspective, currently has more than 70 pieces of guide information.

In addition to shops where you can stop by before or after visiting Toyouke Daijingu, spots where you can rediscover this area, and your favorite places.If you haven't added a friend yet, check it out.

"Mission-type content" for a limited time until 3/31

In addition, until March 3st (Friday), "mission type content" that goes around 31 to 3 spots like a game is also being held! Anyone who has added "Desika: Ise Deka" as a friend can participate for free.

Participants will receive limited stickers (first-come-first-served basis)
2 groups of 4 people will be selected by lottery from among those who have acquired a large number of coins that can be obtained at the spot.Please come and join us.

On-going mission route

A mission to collect delicious animals
A mission to get souvenirs known to those in the know
◆Mission to go around Kawasaki by rental bicycle
◆ Ise's 3 major soul food complete conquest mission
A mission to toast in Ise (mocktail menu available)

way to participate

First, add "Desika: Ise de Shika" as a friend.Tap the "Clear missions and get gifts!" button at the bottom of the talk screen to participate!Take this opportunity to discover the new attractions of Ise City.

Add friends here:

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