Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

LINE official account "Desika: Ise de Shika" service is now available!


The official LINE account "Desika: Ise de Shika" will introduce recommendations while exploring and discovering the area around Iseshi Station, experiences that can only be done here, and even if you have not decided on a destination, while talking with a chatbot.In addition, benefits that can be used at stores and facilities around Ise City will also be provided.

Expert spots are introduced, some shops offer a little service, and not only tourists but also locals can enjoy it.

Please add "friends" and enjoy what you can only do around Ise City.

* Implementation period: July 2022nd to October 7st, 22
* Implementation area: Area around Iseshi Station

◇ You can add friends from this web page ◇

* The Ise City Tourism Association is cooperating with the efforts of the Ise City Digital Policy Division (Smart City Ise Promotion Council) through PR, etc.

* Released by NEC, ORG, and PMDA.

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