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Amano Iwato

A little detailed and easy-to-understand "Amanoiwato Legend"
It was around the beginning of the world ...Susano Onomikoto [Susanoo no Mikoto] was created by Izanagi Nomikoto, the creator god of Japan, and was ordered to control the sea and the earth.However, he was a helpless violent man who did not work and only annoyed those around him.
No matter how many times he was advised, Susanoo went on a rampage without conversion, and was finally chased by the unmanned people, and headed for his sister, Amaterasu Omikami [Amaterasu Omikami]. ..

Amaterasu, who ruled Takamagahara, told his younger brother how rough he was and greeted him with caution, "Did you come to take Takamagahara?"
Susanoo pledged to Amaterasu, "I don't feel like that. If I had a child, I would have a wickedness when a woman was born, and a pure heart when a man was born."

First, Amaterasu folded Susanoo's sword in three and spit out what was chewed with the water of Amenomanai, and the three gods of the woman were born.
Next, Susanoo chewed and spit out the beads of Amaterasu's hair ornament in the same way, and the five gods of the man were born.
Susanoo proved that Amaterasu's fear was evil and Susanoo was innocent.Insisted that the use of Amaterasu's beads was a question and answer with other gods that did not indicate Susanoo's cause, but in the end Susanoo stayed in Takamagahara.

However, even in Takamagahara, Susanoo's turbulence did not change, and while everyone was in trouble with all-you-can-eat, such as ruining the rice fields and sprinkling feces on the palace, Amaterasu said, "I wonder if there was something to think about." I saw it, but one day Susanoo threw a peeled horse into the weaving hut, and the woven woman who was involved died, mourning and angry, and finally stayed in the heavenly Iwato. I closed the entrance with Oiwa.

When the god of the sun is hidden, the world becomes dark and various evils are born.The eight million gods who are in trouble gather at the heavenly Yaskawara to consult and perform various rituals based on the idea of ​​Omoikane.
Collect and sing the eternal long songbirds, make Yata no Kagami, Yasakani no Magatama, etc., and sing congratulatory words.And when Ame-no-Uzume no Mikoto danced in front of Iwato, stepping on his feet and pushing his chest down to his hakama, the eight million gods laughed and his voice echoed throughout Takamagahara.

Amaterasu, who heard this laughter in the back of the Iwaya, opened the rock on the door that was blocking Iwato a little and asked the reason for the commotion, "Why are Ame-no-Uzume dancing and the gods laughing in the dark world?"
Ame-no-Uzume replied, "Because a god who is more precious than you has come, we are all happy to dance," and another god immediately presented a mirror in front of Amaterasu.
When Amaterasu misunderstood his appearance in the mirror as a "new image of God" and opened the door a little more to see it better, Tajikarao, who was waiting next to Iwaya, opened the door powerfully and Amaterasu's arm. Grab and pull out.
Then, a shimenawa was put up at the entrance of Iwato, and everyone's wish was conveyed, saying, "Never go inside again."
By moving Amaterasu out of Iwato in this way, the world has regained its former brightness and is no longer injured.

Susanoo, on the other hand, was banished from Takamagahara by cutting his hair and limbs after being charged by eight million gods with many items to atone for his sins.After that, it is said that he went to "Ne-no-kuni".

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