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Two pond dragons

When the story of the ancestor of the two ponds, Senzo, comes out, the mustache of Ryunosuke, the dragon child, is fluffy.The huge figure sprinkled with Toguro is a little messy.
It seems that his ancestors were really good Ryujin.There are not two or three legends that are still being told in the village.

Although it is a descendant of the dragon god's direct line, Ryunosuke has been sprinkling togros at the bottom of the swamp for almost XNUMX years.One hundred years is about nine or ten years for humans in terms of the life of a dragon.Ryunosuke was really still a child.Only the mustache is wonderful, one on the right and one on the left.However, the flame that spits out from the mouth into the air is still a poor spark.It's hard to say that the art of raining [Jutsu] is also a licensed all-in-one [Menkyokaiden].

Only once, when it was a long day, I daringly soared into the heavens, called clouds, caused the wind, and made it rain.The pond called "Tameike" was filled with water, and the river surface "Kawazura" swelled up to the shore, and he said, "Rain, stop!" I put it on.However, for some reason, the rain never stopped.

I shouted, "Stop it! It's over! It's all right!", But it's just raining ...All over the place, the villagers [Satobito] became a big nuisance.
"Immature [Mijukumono] Mega! Your ancestors are ..." The story of your ancestors after being preached to the father dragon who flew to calm the rain. Is-.

Speaking of the dragon gods of Futatsuike, "Do you know? The best sieving in Japan [Yakuyo] Ke Kannon's dragons and roga", Ise has long known from children to the elderly. There is no one.

There is a temple called Matsuo Kannon, where a great priest named Gyoki was opened on the northern peak of Mt. Kurata, which was full of greenery.There is a high-pitched spiritual test to prevent evil, and on the day of Hatsuuma, the slope in front of the gate is a good man and a good woman who come out from the neighborhood. ] Are lined up, and the auspicious [engi] things are twisted and the monkeys sell like a flick.

On the roof of the main hall, Yane, we received XNUMX volumes of Hannya Shinkyo, a giboshi of bronze, and a giboshi. In [Odo], the eleven-faced Kannon of the principal idol [Juichimenkannon] is respectfully enshrined.This Kannon-sama is thankful that he transforms into a thirty-six-state figure and saves people's dangers.

The dragon god lives in the two ponds down this temple.One in the west and another in the east, it is a pond that seems to be very comfortable to live in, surrounded by fresh green reeds.

One night, suddenly a fire broke out from the main hall.Perhaps it had collapsed even though it was a votive candle, the flames immediately burned the floor and climbed up the pillars in a deserted hall, and began to lick the melamela and the ceiling with momentum.It was scary for people to notice about Yamanaka.When I rushed to the main hall, the main hall was a pillar of fire, and I couldn't handle it.

At that time, a black shadow appeared in the terrible flame.It was the figure of the dragon god, the lord of the two ponds, who wraps a snake around the principal image and protects the statue from the fire.

It's hard to have a good ancestor.In the last XNUMX years since the heavy rain incident, Ryunosuke, who hasn't squealed, was looking up at the sky from the green bottom of the water.

Then, when I thought that there was a sign of a human walking on the edge of the pond, the body of a big man sank right above Ryunosuke's head. It was.

"Koyatsu, you slipped your leg."Ryunosuke shook his tail and raised Poi and the man to the shore, saying that he had to help.

However, it seems that Ryunosuke is immature in the technique of throwing a tail.The man shook his head to the pine trunk [Omiki] with the time signature thrown to the shore.I fell into a big letter and fainted.

There, the villagers who rushed to each other said, "Finally, this is a big thief who was chasing after everyone [Odorobo]. I'll take it. "

Everyone was relieved because the thief's foot was filled with the sneaky gold items of the villagers.

"Thanks to the dragon god"
"The dragon god is still alive," he said, wrapping a shrine on the bank of the pond and buns in the morning and evening with buns and fruits. ..
So what is Ryunosuke doing?Since the dragon lives by eating the haze, he does not touch the manju of the offering.

Ryunosuke is still at the bottom of a deep pond today.A large figure [Zuutai] is wrapped around, and the voices of the villagers who are rumored to be the dragon god are heard with a tickled face. (end)

Dragon of Futatsuike (Legend of Dragon God)

The two ponds behind the main hall, called the two ponds (dragon ponds), have long been home to male dragons in the eastern pond and female dragons in the western pond, which protect Kannon. It is said.

About 600 years ago, in May 10th year of Oei, when the main hall struck a fire, two precious dragon gods appeared from the pond.

There is a legend that the male dragon swallows the burning flame and descends, wrapping Kannon with his own body many times, and the female dragon sprays the water of the pond on the flame many times to protect Kannon from the fire. We are doing it.

Since this fire, we have been offering sake, eggs, and rice to "Futatsuike" (Ryuike) for 600 years at the end of every month to thank them.

This temple, where the "Legend of the Dragon God" remains, is known as a temple where Kannon and Ryujin, who escaped from the disaster, had a spiritual test of good luck. Since the dragon gods worked together to protect Kannon, it has come to be said that there are benefits to "matchmaking," "child-giving," and "easy delivery." (end)

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