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Kamaboko making experience

Wakamatsuya in Ise Kamaboko

"Wakamatsuya", founded in 38, has its head office in Kawasaki.It is a popular local shop that manufactures and sells paste products such as kamaboko, hanpei, hiryoz, and fried fish paste.
Speaking of kamaboko, it is an ingredient that is familiar to one item on the table and lunch boxes.Moreover, it is high in protein and low in calories! (Although I end up eating a lot ... lol)
Here at Wakamatsuya, you can make two types of kamaboko, "roasted kamaboko" and "plate kamaboko", which is a very good experience!The craftsman told me that I went to the store immediately!

The experience workshop adjacent to the store is a very beautiful space with the scent of wood.This time, Mr. Hioki, who works at the Kawasaki main store, will teach you how to make it.The staff has a nice smile.

First, ask them to explain the tools needed to make kamaboko.
Two tools!Only the "Tsukibouchi" and cutting board, which can be said to be the life of a craftsman.It looks like this knives and sashimi knives, but it has no blade.It is a special tool that treats a kitchen knife like a spatula when making a mountain shape of a general kamaboko, and is slightly longer and heavier than a household knife.It's a safe kitchen knife, so it seems that some small children will challenge themselves with their parents, and when they reach elementary school age, they will challenge themselves.

Next, you will receive a lecture on "kneading"!
The raw material for the surimi used in the experience is Eso, Guchi, Alaska pollack, and Itoyoridai.It is processed into surimi at the factory while it is fresh.
“Depending on the season, there may be hamo,” says Hioki.

At first, the surimi placed on the cutting board is attached and crushed with the surface of the kitchen knife, but at first it is a little hard so it requires some strength.The softness gradually came out.

Next, use only one side of the knife (this is the point!), Stretch the surimi to the left and right of the cutting board, and crush it all together.By removing the air while kneading well, the texture such as stickiness and elasticity can be obtained, and the number of cavities that can be steamed can be reduced.

After kneading, place the kamaboko board along the cutting board and scoop up the surimi at once.After scraping off the surimi that sticks out of the board, re-knead it and attach it to the kamaboko board to shape it.
Mr. Hioki's kamaboko that you are teaching is truly.The surface is shining smoothly.

"If you try to mold the knife with extra surimi attached, it will stick to the surface and wrinkle and you will not be able to finish it finely. The point is to scrape off the surimi of the knife with the edge of the cutting board and mold it." Mr. Hioki.
Thanks to the polite explanation, I gradually got the hang of it and got used to handling kitchen knives.

It has a beautiful half-moon shape!

Wrap it in a special film and steam it for 20 minutes.In the meantime, experience making "roasted kamaboko".

It's very easy to make!Put the same surimi as the plate kamaboko, knead it well with a kitchen knife, and attach it to the tip of the gold skewer by hand to shape it to your liking.I made it a standard fish shape, but children can enjoy it because they can make heart-shaped or dumpling-shaped ones as they like!

When it is shaped, it is roasted on the stove.Then, it swells quickly and the surface turns dark brown.I'm looking forward to tasting the freshly made.

The fish fish (toto) bite is completed!It has a nice freshly baked scent!
Come to think of it, it's the first time I've eaten freshly baked kamaboko.

It is elastic and the taste of fish spreads in your mouth.By making it yourself, the taste is doubled!

The steamed plate kamaboko is for take-out.It lasts for about a week in the refrigerator, so it's a perfect souvenir.

Wakamatsuya has XNUMX stores in the city, including the Kawasaki main store.
One of them, Thanks Yokocho, sells freshly boiled "Ise Hanpei" only on the XNUMXst of every month.Actually, this hampei is boiled one by one by a craftsman in front of you!
It seems that the yam is stretched, and the fluffy texture unique to freshly boiled is so good that I got up early.There is no doubt that you will feel happy if you eat a bite.
Wakamatsuya also sells original products limited to each store.Please come and visit us to find the charm of a different kind of paste!


Address516-0009-1 Kawasaki, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 9-28
Inquiries TEL: 0120-31-1722
Opening hours9:00-18:00
Closing daysOpen daily (1/1 to 1/3)
WEB site

Handmade kamaboko experience * You can experience it at two locations, the Kawasaki main store and the Shimono factory store.

Minimum number of participants2-60 people
(Up to 16 people at the Kawasaki main store. If there are 16 or more people, we will do it at the Shimono factory store)
Time (reservation required)Please make a reservation at least 5 days in advance.
Experience time60min
Prices1,980 yen (tax included) / person
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