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Kawasaki bicycle rental tour

Kawasaki is located along the Seta River, which runs through the center of Ise.
It is a merchant town that has prospered as an "Ise kitchen" that has been using the water transportation of the river since the Edo period to supply supplies to the town of Ise, which is crowded with visitors.

At that time, the goods brought in by ship were unloaded directly into the warehouses lined up along the riverbank, reloaded into Daihachiguruma on land, and then delivered to the inside and outside of the town.Even now, the scenery of the traditional warehouses of that time and the materials that tell the story of the time remain, and they are carefully preserved by the local people.In addition, the old merchant houses and townhouses have been renovated into cafes and bars, making them a little-known spot in Ise where you can spend a quiet and relaxing time.

One thing to keep in mind when exploring Kawasaki is the road conditions that are unique to this town.For example, the main street is a one-way street, so if you drive past it, you will not be able to return easily.In addition, there are many narrow alleys called "Seko" that cannot be reached by car, so those who visit for the first time may be a little confused.That's where the rental cycle comes in handy!
If it's a bicycle, it's a narrow road.You can enjoy exploring the retro scenery unique to Kawasaki and the way of life where you can hear the breath of the people living here.

Rental bicycles can be rented at the Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall.This building was originally called "Ogawa Shoten", a long-established liquor wholesaler that was open from the middle of the Edo period to 11, and is a historical building designated as a national registered tangible cultural property in 13.After restoration and maintenance, it was rebuilt as "Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall" in 14, and is operated and managed by the NPO Ise Kawasaki Machizukuri.
It consists of XNUMX warehouses and XNUMX townhouses that have remained since the Edo period, and the main building has a Japanese-style room, which is a representative merchant house in Kawasaki, and a tea room, which is a copy of the Urasenke in Kyoto.In the brewery's reference room, the history of Kawasaki and Japan's first banknote "Yamada postcard" are displayed, and you can learn about the lifestyle of merchants. Also, you can make use of the brewery facing the river. The store has handmade accessories, miscellaneous goods, antique shops, and a merchant storehouse cafe, so you can feel the atmosphere of the time.

I immediately rented a refreshing mint blue bicycle!With a large basket, you can rest assured even if you have luggage.The steering wheel has a grip shift transmission that is easy to operate at hand, so it's nice to be able to adjust it according to your physical strength.
Let's get ready and go to Kawasaki Cycling!

The first place I visited was "Kawabenanakusa Jinja", which is located in the center of the town.In the Meiji era, Kawasaki's many deities were enshrined in one place and worshiped as Ujigami.

The Yoshiie Inari Shrine, which sits in the same precincts, was relocated once every 2017 years in November 11.The bright vermilion torii gate and the fox of the priest are eye-catching.

The street, which has a total length of about 1 km and retains the streets of the Edo period, has a gentle curve because it is formed along the meandering Seta River. The building continues.

When I stopped my bicycle and looked at the roof, I noticed that there were differences in the tiles of each house.Onigawara, whose name and family crest look large, are on the top of the roof, and when you look at both corners of the roof, you can see fine decorative tiles such as turtles, frogs, and waves.
This is called "Sumibuta", and it is said that the wish to prevent fire is put in by decorating the motif related to water.The design is elaborate and it's fun to look around!

This street is lined with old-fashioned shops such as udon shops, scale shops, liquor stores, and greengrocers.Then, I found a Japanese sweets shop with a yellow banner that says "Imo Yokan".

It is a long-established Japanese confectionery shop "Haritaya" famous for the Ise souvenir "Isein Senmochi".Naruhito Senbei is a venerable confectionery presented to His Majesty the Emperor in 38.The surface of the thinly baked rice cracker is imprinted with a sword stamp, which is characterized by its small size and slight sweetness.It's an easy-to-eat individual wrapping, so this is the Kawasaki souvenir for your friends!

In Kawasaki, in addition to the old-fashioned shops, there are fashionable general stores, cafes, bars, taverns, Italian restaurants, guest houses, etc. that have been renovated from old buildings, so you can enjoy them day and night!
Follow the well-maintained promenade along the Seta River toward the Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall again.On the promenade, you will see students and people taking a walk.The atmosphere with a sense of life is very calm.

Then, I arrived at a retro building with a sign "Kawasaki River Station".

According to the story of the boatman of the wooden ship, this "Kawasaki River Station" is a reproduction of a soy sauce brewery over 100 years ago, and the terrace along the river used to enter the city. It seems that the motif is the station building of a tram.

With the wooden ship Mizuki on your side, ride your bicycle further downstream.Then, I immediately found a coffee shop called "Nakamura Coffee" with a nice atmosphere.Let's take a break here.

In fact, this shop is a coffee bean specialty store that is roasted in-house, where coffee was offered to the leaders of each country at the spouse program luncheon at the Ise-Shima Summit!There is also a cafe space inside the store, which can be extracted by hand drip.The weather is nice and it's a relaxing coffee time on the terrace.

If you notice it, it's evening in no time.Return to the Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall and return the bicycle.I couldn't go all around this time, but I was able to spend a fulfilling time on my first rental cycle!

Kawasaki is an area where the old and the present merge well.Mysteriously, it blends in nicely.And the people in the area I meet everywhere I stop by are really warm people.
I'm sure this is what a memorable trip is.
From the perspective of the locals, the beautiful sunset that illuminates the Seta River and the streets is sure to be the same as usual.
But I want to come again.
Such a place may be the charm of Kawasaki.

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Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall

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