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The mountain god who stole the pestle

Kanna Moon is October.Will God disappear from this world in October?
No, in only one place, the Izumo region, October is called Kamiaritsuki.Perhaps gods from all over Japan gather in Izumo no Kuni every October to hold a regular tournament for gods.

This is a long time ago, when the god of the mountain participated in the tournament for the first time.
The venue of Izumo, known for the white rabbits of Inaba, was very large and shaped like a temple because eight million gods gathered there, and it was glittering.Once inside, a large kagami mochi is displayed on the front podium, and the god of the great power, Okuninushi, gives a welcome greeting.

Everything was surprising to the mountain god who participated from the depths of the mountains of Ise.
At the end of the plenary session, the party will start by cutting the large kagami mochi.For the mountain god who has only eaten dumplings, which is always offered to the villagers, the delicious mochi that he eats for the first time.

"I'm eating mochi for the first time, but this is my first time to eat mochi. I wonder if this is God's food."

When I hear it, the fine god

"Well, this is my first time. It's an interesting god. I wonder if I can eat it in the country. You're like a god you see for the first time, but which one did you come from?"

I recommend sake, but Yama-no-Kami prefers mochi.

"Yes, I was surprised when I came to Izumo for the first time. I live in the mountains of the grouper (side) of Daijigu (Ojingu). I'm a mountain god. So, Kami-san, I'll ask you."

When I bowed down with Pekon, Mrs. Yamanokami gave a shameful nod while mopping the rice cake that had slipped into her mouth.

"Isn't it the god of the mountains? I've come together. Now, don't hesitate. By the way, Mr. Daijigu ... What country?"
"I don't know, I'm Daijigu from Ise."
"Oh, is it the Imperial Grand Shrine? Amaterasu-sama is still visible today, but he's a beautiful god whenever you see him."

In between the talks, the mountain god eats delicious rice cakes.

"Nah God, I'm going to make this delicious mochi."
"Mochi is usually made by humans, but it is often made by steaming the finest glutinous rice among rice and using a pestle and a mortar."

I had a party too.The gods who were completely made with sake were the gods who danced, the gods who imitated humans and laughed, and the gods who showed off their strong throats.
However, I can no longer see the mountain god there.
That should be it.The god of the mountain borrowed the pestle and mortar that made that large kagami mochi, and went home for a while.
The mountain god who returned to the village said that he continued to eat his favorite rice cakes with pettanko, pettanko and rice cakes every night.

The story continues.
After the party was over, there was a lot of fuss in Izumo.This is because the pestle and mortar for making large kagami mochi are gone.
Since God is all seeing through, the criminal was immediately known. "What does it mean to steal while being a god?", The board of directors of the god was immediately held, and the mountain god was trapped in the mountain as a god. ..

Now, the villagers who knew about it started to talk, saying, "I'm not good at eating rice cakes. I mean, let's get the mountain god out of the mountain."Then, we decided to make big keys one by one and pull out the mountain god to the village in the spring.

Every spring, the villagers, mainly children, set fire in the dark in the morning, wait for everyone to gather, and pull out the mountain god with the key made from the big tree branches they brought. is.Children will be together rather than a year old, and they will sing together and say, "Yama's god Yoisho."Then, everyone surrounds the fire and puts thinly sliced ​​kagami mochi on the tip of a thin bamboo and bake it.

In this way, once a year, the mountain god can enjoy spring with the villagers while eating his favorite rice cakes. (end)

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