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Amulet Gate

Near Futamiura, which is known for Meotoiwa, there is a thick forest of Matsushitasha.The area around this shrine, which has been enshrining Susanoo-no-Mikoto for a thousand years, was deeply connected to the Ise Jingu Shrine and was also a village dedicated to Mikaya.

This is the story of the brothers "Somin" and "Kotan" who are said to have lived in the forest.

Once upon a time, Amaterasu Omikami's younger brother, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, was chased by the wrath of his sister's god, Takamagahara, where the gods lived. I came to live in the North Sea.However, one day, Mikoto, who became an adult, set out on a journey to the southern country, saying, "I want to take the daughter of the god of the warm southern sea."

By the time Mikoto, who had crossed steep mountains and crossed large rivers and visited various places, arrived in Ise, the sun was tilted over the peaks that overlapped with each other. I was calling.As expected, my life [Mikoto] was very tired, but when I went further south and was just struck by "Miwata no Kuni", the sun went down. <This was a problem.It would be nice if there was a place where you could ask for an inn ...>

Then, in the dim light of the way, there is a thick forest, and you can see some lights.When Mikoto went to see it, there was a house with a splendid gate.It was the mansion of Kotanshorai, the greatest man in this village.

Thick pine trees and cypress trees grow on both sides of the road leading from the gate, and many houses and warehouses are lined up.In the back, there was a large main building [Omoya].

"What if-. If you are having trouble during the trip, please stay overnight."

The door opened to this voice, and a giant appeared from the back.Lights shine brightly from inside the luxuriously built house, illuminating the figure of Mikoto, who is deeply grateful for his long journey.When the giant looks at the poor appearance of life [Mikoto],

"It seems to be dirty. People wearing such dirty kimonos can't stay at our house. Come on, go out."

"Don't tell me that. I'm tired of my legs and can't move forward. Could you stay overnight?" It was.But

"I don't know. There is a Sumin's house on the other side of this forest, so go there and ask."

When the giant refused so bluntly, he quickly closed the door.
Mikoto had no choice but to drag a heavy leg and visit the house of Somin Shorai in the future.On the dark night road without the moon, only star shadows were relied on.

After a while, I saw a light on the edge of the forest.The house I arrived at for that light was a poorly constructed hut, surrounded by tall cogon grass and pampas grass.

When Mikoto was told why he was living there and asked for an overnight inn, Sumin said.
"That's a problem. Welcome all the way from afar. If you don't mind in such a messy place, please stay."
He welcomed me and immediately laid a straw of millet for his life and made a bed, and his wife also recommended steaming the rice of millet.

"There is only such poor food, but please enjoy it."

Mikoto was very pleased with the warm hospitality of the Somin couple, and while he was watching, he ate millet rice and went to bed to rest.

However, in the middle of the night, Mikoto was revived when he realized that a terrible plague was coming from the northern country called "Awasa".When Sumin was surprised to hear the story, Mikoto was pointed to a cogon grass with white ears in the moonlight outside the house, and when he cut it, he knitted a ring. ..

"If you enclose it in this way, you don't have to worry. The devil will run away."

When you said that, Mikoto was immediately laid around the house with a ring of Kaya, and was absent again.
It was a nice sunny day after dawn and the next morning.When the reincarnation got up and walked around the houses in the village, every house collapsed due to the plague, and no one came out outdoors.

"What's wrong with this !! I'm grateful that only my home was saved."

Somin was surprised at the mysterious power of life and was delighted that he was saved thanks to the ring of Kaya.

When Mikoto departs, he heads for the reincarnation.
"Benevolent Somin. We are Susanoo-no-Mikoto.
No matter what kind of epidemic is going on, if you write "Somin Shorai Sonke no Mon" and show it at the gate, you will be spared from the disaster. Let's go. "
I was left behind and left.

After that, Somin's house prospered for generations, and from some time in the Ise region, the sign of "Somin Shorai" began to be offered as a talisman to the New Year's shimenawa.The forest of Matsushitasha, which distributes this gate sign, has come to be called "Sumin no Mori". (end)

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