Information on corona measures in Ise City

Ise's antenna shop will open for a limited time at Grandberry Park!

Ise City Antenna Shop is being held until 1/30 at Grandberry Park (Machida City, Tokyo)!

Following Tama-Plaza Terrace, the second Ise antenna shop ISE SHOP will be held!

63 businesses in Ise city will participate, and about 140 kinds of products will be lined up in stores.

Also, on weekends, Ise mochi is sold on a daily basis!Akafuku, Henba Mochi, Kamidai Mochi, Ofuku Mochi, Taiko Ise Mochi, and Iwato Mochi will be available.

The Ise mochi sales schedule is
It is described at the bottom of this page.

Please come by all means.


Grandberry Park Gathering Market
Directly connected to "Minami Machida Granbury Park Station" on the Tokyu Denen-toshi Line

3-1-4, 1-XNUMX Tsuruma, Machida-shi, Tokyo, etc.
Grandberry Park homepage


2021 years 10 month 29 Date (gold)
Until Sunday, January 2022, 1

In addition to Ise udon, local beer, Ise hijiki, pearls, etc., we also sell a large number of products with unique characteristics of Ise such as history, climate, food culture, and tradition certified by the Ise brand!

Refrigerated and frozen products are also available.In addition, we will introduce tourist information and information on Ise City.

Please come by all means.

We will sell a limited number of Ise mochi!

Ise rice cake sales schedule

Saturday, December 12: Ofuku Mochi
December 12th (Sun): Kamidai Mochi

Saturday, December 12: Akafuku
December 12 (Sun): Henba Mochi(Discontinued due to circumstances)

Saturday, December 12: Kamidai Mochi
November 12st (Sun): Taiko Soshi Mochi

Saturday, December 12: Akafuku
December 12 (Sun): Iwato Mochi

Saturday, January 1: Kamidai Mochi
January 1 (Sun): Ofuku Mochi
January 1 (Monday): Henba Mochi

Saturday, January 1: Akafuku
January 1th (Sun): Taiko Soshi Mochi

Saturday, January 1: Iwato Mochi
January 1 (Sun): Ofuku Mochi

Saturday, December 1: Akafuku

* Limited quantity.Please note that when sold out.

For more information on Grandberry Park "ISE SHOP", please see this press release document.

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