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The Ise lunch guide has been completed!


A new pamphlet is available!

Introducing shops that can be used for lunch around Geku, Kawasaki, and Futami,
The Ise lunch guide has been completed.

A total of XNUMX delicious Ise restaurants are listed.

We also posted cafes that you want to go to when you want to take a break, and rice cakes that you want to eat a little when you are hungry.

Ise Lunch Guide
It is being distributed at tourist information centers in Ise city.

Tourist information centers are located at Iseshi Station, Ujiyamada Station, Sotomiyamae, Ujiurata, and Futamiura.
Click here for the location of the information center

Please pick it up.

You can also see the pamphlet from this page.
Pamphlet download page

Ise Lunch Guide

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