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9/12 (Monday) Local resource excavation workshop for Ise Puchi-Tabi development


We re-edited Ise's "unseen charm" and created a new Ise city tour plan that utilizes EV mobility as a new product for groups and "individuals".We will extend the length of stay and create a new style of travel that is unique to Ise during the corona crisis.

This workshop is aimed at members of the tourism association, government officials, and chambers of commerce. The self-guided tour "Ise Puchi-Tabi" will improve the ease of traveling around the Ise region and promote the increase in tourism consumption. This is a workshop to excavate local resources for the creation of

Date and Time

14:00am ~ 16:00am


Ise Chamber of Commerce and Industry 5F

Why don't you give form to your idea of ​​the charm of Ise together?
We look forward to your participation.

*For those who participate in this workshop, in the second half of September,
You can also participate in fieldwork (local research meeting).

Application form

Fax destination: 0596-27-1049
Deadline: 9/8

Please apply by fax or email.
Ise City Tourism Association
Phone: 28-3705 Fax: 27-1049

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