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Ise City Destination Tax Tax Registration Sheet


Thank you for considering Ise City's travel tax payment initiative.

We will post the registration sheet, etc.
Please check the "Merchant Registration Sheet" (Excel sheet).
Please return it by email by Friday, May 31st.


“Member store registration sheet”

Travel tax payment_Member store registration sheet (Excel)

Email reply address
Ise City Tourism Association Secretariat

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Destination tax payment_Explanatory materials for businesses (PDF)

Destination tax payment_Member store terms (PDF)

What is destination tax?

“Destination tax payment” uses the hometown tax payment system.
Donate on the spot to local governments you visit during your trip or business trip
This is a system that allows you to

If you make a donation, you will receive accommodations and other gifts in return.
Restaurants, leisure facilities, souvenir shops
You will receive a local electronic gift certificate that can be used anywhere.

Donating is easy from your smartphone in about 3 to 5 minutes.
You can receive an electronic gift certificate on the spot.
You can use it right away while traveling.


Ise City Tourism Association Secretariat
16-2 Honmachi, Ise City
Telephone 0596-28-3705

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