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Recommended course for girls' trip (active edition) Day 1

Time required: 1 day (2 nights and 3 days)


3 minutes walk from JR Futaminoura Station


Futamiura Tourist Information CenterFutamiurakankou Annaijo

First of all, collect information at the Futamiura Tourist Information Center near the station

Futaminoura Tourist Information Center is a 3-minute walk from JR Futaminoura Station.Not only Futami, but also information on the Ise-Shima area is available.There are a lot of pamphlets, so please ask for various information.
Ask the staff to tell you the highlights of Futami and go to "Ise Sea Paradise".

Futamiura Tourist Information Center

About 10 minutes on foot from Futami Tourist Information Center


Ise Sea ParadiseIse Paradise

An aquarium where you can interact with animals!Ise Sea Paradise

Ise Sea Paradise is a hot topic as an aquarium where you can "touch" animals.This time, I was able to interact with otters, seals, sea lions, and seahorses.The two were very excited because they only touched the animals for the first time!It seems that such "contact time" can be set because they are familiar with the habits of animals and the personality of each animal.I had a valuable experience unique to Ise Sea Paradise.
Enjoy delicious seafood at "Maguro Shrine" in Hameo and Yokocho for lunch ♪

Ise Sea Paradise
Ise Sea Paradise
Ise Sea Paradise

A short walk from Ise Sea Paradise


Maguro ShrineTuna Jinja

An exquisite lunch at Maguro Shrine with seafood from Ise-Shima

The Maguro Shrine in Meoto Yokocho is popular as a restaurant where you can enjoy the seafood of Ise-Shima.This time, I ordered a masterpiece seafood bowl and Ise tuna bowl with 6 kinds of seafood from Ise-Shima.
Tuna that melts in your mouth and shrimp on a seafood bowl.The taste of fresh fish eaten while looking at the sea is exceptional.
After your stomach is full, go to "Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho" where you can experience the unique experience of Ise.

Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

Ise tuna bowl

Ise tuna bowl

A short walk from Maguro Shrine


Ise Meotoiwa Meoto YokochoIseme Oto Iwame Oto Yokocho

Make a red stamp book and check souvenirs at Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho

Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho, which is adjacent to Ise Sea Paradise, is a popular tourist spot as a facility where you can experience something unique to Ise.
This time, I participated in making a perfect experience menu, Goshuincho, before going to worship.
Stick the two pieces of cloth you choose on the mount to make a red stamp book.It looks easy, but there are some tips for making a red stamp book.The staff carefully taught me how to make it.
In addition, Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho has all kinds of souvenirs such as seafood, famous confectionery, folk crafts, and pearls from Ise-Shima.
We recommend Ise Sea Paradise original souvenirs and otter-kun grilled.The cute form is so cute that it's a waste to eat!
Go to Futamiokitama Shrine with the red stamp book made in the hands-on classroom.

Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho
Grilled otter

Grilled otter

About a 3-minute walk from Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho


Futami Okitama ShrineFutamiokitamajinja

Purify your mind and body at Futamiokitama Shrine, which is beneficial for marriage and traffic safety.

Futamiokitama Shrine is a place where you have been purifying your mind and body by stopping by before going to Ise Jingu.It is said to be beneficial for marriage, good luck, family safety, and traffic safety.
There are frog figurines here and there in the shrine. It seems that some people dedicate frog figurines because they are "safe frogs".
Here is also the famous spot, Meotoiwa, which is a symbol of marriage in Futamiura.When the winter air is clear and the weather is nice, you may see Mt. Fuji from between Meotoiwa!I got a red stamp from the red stamp book I made right away.
Today's stay is Futamiura. Check in at "Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa".

Futami Okitama Shrine
Futami Okitama Shrine

About 7 minutes on foot from Futamiokitama Shrine


Castle Inn Ise MeotoiwaI'm sorry

Hotel Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa overlooking Ise Bay

Hotel Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa, which can be reached on foot from Futamiokitama Shrine.From the room, I could see Ise Bay so beautifully.The time to spend leisurely while looking at the sea in the room is also the real pleasure of traveling to Ise.This hotel also has a large public bath, so you can heal the tiredness of your trip with a large bath.
Dinner at Shofuken, where you can enjoy the ingredients of Ise-Shima.

Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa
Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa
Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa

About a 3-minute walk from Castle Inn Ise Meotoiwa



Karaage from Shofuken's specialty sweet sauce, which uses plenty of Ise-Shima ingredients

Shofuken is a 10-minute walk from Meotoiwa.The menu is popular because it uses plenty of Ise-Shima ingredients.
This time, I ordered the Ise-Shima set (1,000 yen tax not included) with Ise udon and tekone sushi, and the fried chicken set meal (900 yen tax not included), which is a specialty of the restaurant.Ise udon is delicious with its chewy udon and sweet sauce!And it is fried chicken with sauce made from Ise tamari salty sauce, which is used for Ise udon sauce.The surface is crispy, and the inside is juicy chicken and the sweet sauce goes great together.This is a recommended dish from Shofuken.
I will take a walk in Futamiura tomorrow, and from the afternoon I will use a bicycle with electric assist to visit the sightseeing spots in Ise City.

Ise-Shima set with Ise udon and tekone sushi

Ise-Shima set with Ise udon and tekone sushi

Fried chicken set meal with sweet sauce

Fried chicken set meal with sweet sauce

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