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Children's satisfaction course to enjoy with family

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Ise Futami Toba Line (Futami Toll Office) Approximately 5 minutes

JR Futaminoura Station Walk: Approximately 10 minutes

CAN Busu Meotoiwahigashi Exit Walk: Approximately 10 minutes


Meotoiwa / Futamiokitama ShrineMeotoiwa / Futamiokitamajinja

Futamiokitama Shrine has Meotoiwa, which is also famous as a symbol of marriage.Futami Frog, the messenger of God, welcomes you with a lot of charm.If the weather is nice, enjoy picking up shells on the beach on the way from here to Ise Sea Paradise.

Meoto Iwa (Married Couple Rocks)

Meotoiwa [Meotoiwa]

Futami Okitama Shrine

Futamiokitama Shrine [Futamiokitama Jinja]

Meotoiwa Omotesando

Meotoiwa Omotesando

Walk: about 5 minutes


Ise Meotoiwa Fureai Aquarium Ise Sea Paradise Ise Meoto Iwa Fureai Suizokukan Ise Paradise

Ise Sea Paradise

You can play Ise Sea Paradise!Touch!Fureai Aquarium.During the walrus walk time, you can touch your body and take a commemorative photo.At the adjacent Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho, you can enjoy souvenirs unique to Sea Paradise and shopping for Ise-Shima specialties.

Here, go to the accommodation and enjoy the gourmet food of Ise.

By car from Sea Paradise: Approximately 5 minutes

Bus: Approximately 10 minutes (1 bus per hour. Time check required)


Tomoiki no Kuni Ise Ninja KingdomTomoiki no Kuni Iseninja Kingudamu

Ise Sea Paradise

Around the full-scale Azuchi Castle, the cityscape with a historical atmosphere spreads out, and you can enjoy ninja shows and historical drama.After playing in the forest athletics, zip line, real RPG, shuriken and other experience halls, there is also a day trip hot spring.A historical theme park full of fun.

Car from Ninja Kingdom: Approximately 20 minutes

Bus: Approximately 20 minutes (1 bus per hour. Time check required)


Oharai-machi, OkageyokochoOharamachi / Thanks Yokocho

"Oharaimachi" is Toriimaecho, which has prospered in front of Ise Jingu and Naiku (Kotai Jingu).There are many souvenir shops, restaurants and merchant houses on the street, and you can enjoy walking around the town after worshiping. "Thanks Yokocho" is a plot that spreads out in front of the Akafuku main store in the middle of Oharaimachi, and the typical buildings of Iseji from the Edo period to the Meiji period have been relocated and reproduced.The site of about 4000 tsubo is lined with food shops and souvenir shops unique to Ise-Shima, and is full of fun spots.

Oharai Town

Oharai Town

Thanks to the streets of Yokocho

Thanks to the streets of Yokocho



About 10 minutes to the Ise Expressway (Ise Interchange)

About 20 minutes by bus to Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station


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