New Year starts from Ise!Invitation to Ise city monitor tour

*All photos are images.

The winner has been decided.
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Overview of the monitor tour

For this monitor tour, the Japan Tourism Agency
Subsidies are applied based on the project to create signboard products that earn money in the region.

Date of monitor tour
February 2023, 2 (Sunday) - February 5, 2023 (Monday) 2 night 6 days
Monitor tour participation fee
Free*Participants are responsible for the following
Transportation expenses from your home (including the pre-hosting place) to the meeting place, and transportation expenses from the dissolution place to your home (including the post-hosting place).
Expenses for transportation, meals, etc. not listed in this tour itinerary
Recruitment number
20 pairs (1 pair for 2 people)
Entry target
Junior high school students and older
*Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.
Monitor tour application guidelines
(Application conditions)
  • 〇 Those who understand the purpose of the monitor tour and can cooperate with questionnaires about sightseeing spots and services during the trip.
  • 〇 Those who can participate in the entire tour (participation in the middle of the tour, leaving the group in the middle is not possible in principle.)
  • 〇Those who agree to take pictures of the tour
  • 〇Those who agree that the images or videos taken will be published in reports to the Japan Tourism Agency.
*Participants should take care of their own physical condition, and those who are not feeling well or have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher on the day of the tour
Please refrain from participating.
Cancellation Policy
If you wish to cancel due to personal reasons, please contact us by [5/1 (Friday)] 27 business days before the participation date.
In case of rain
This tour will be held even in rainy weather.
However, if there is a risk of danger such as a typhoon, the tour may be canceled.

Experience content

In this monitor tour, we will introduce you to the "traditional shrine visit".
Night Sakaki Misogi Experiences, sustainable culture of Ise, etc.
Experience only on this tour
Please enjoy a refreshing and divine time.

Day 1 night

Hamasangu (Misogi) Experience (Futami Okitama Shrine)

Since ancient times, it has been considered good practice to visit Ise Jingu after purifying oneself in Futami.For this tour only, you can experience "Hama Sangu (cleansing yourself) at Futami Okitama Shrine at night".

Hamasangu Shrine: About 30 minutes
About Hamasangu

At Hamasangu, you can bathe in the sea water on the beach to purify your mind and body. Misogiharai Misogi Harae There is also, but in this tour, in the shrine hall, the traditional exorcism with goryogusa " Pure Shioharai Mukushi Obai ” will be accepted.

A meal using salt and shellfish from Futami, where you can enjoy the nature of Ise

By eating the sea through salt, we will prepare meals for you to learn and experience that humans, nature, and all things circulate.Enjoy the experience of purifying your body and mind from food.※The photograph is an image.On the day of the tour, we will offer dishes using "natural salt" made from Futami's seawater and shellfish related to the shrine that the chief priest collected.

Store name: Japanese restaurant, catering Shofuken (Dinner on the first day)

Day 2

Enjoy cycling or walking in the scenic town where you can smell the sea breeze.

Experience the cycling course or walking course in the town of Futami, which has prospered as a scenic spot since the Edo period.Adjusting the salt to be delivered to the shrine Mishiodono Shrine Mishio Shrine Or experience the delicious sweets shops on the approach. *Since the number of bicycles for cycling is limited, we may not be able to meet your request.Please note that only junior high school students and above and taller than 145 cm can ride.
* Cycling or walking times are approximate.Please enjoy it according to your physical condition.

Approximate: about 40-60 minutes

Ise Jingu (Geku/Naiku) with a special guide

After purifying yourself at Futami, it's finally time to visit Ise Jingu.We will visit Geku and Naiku in that order.It is a luxurious visit with a special guide limited to this tour.

Approximate time: Outer Shrine (about 60 minutes), Inner Shrine (about 90 minutes)

On the day of the tour
We will be handing out a handbook for beginners!
Please read it before visiting the shrine.

*All photos are images.


In the town of Futami, which prospered as a lodging place for pilgrims since the Edo period,
Enjoy a leisurely stroll while gazing out at the sea.

Your accommodation will be one of the following:
This inn is within walking distance from Futami Okitama Shrine, where you can experience the purification ceremony at night.

Since it is an invitation, we cannot specify the accommodation.
Please note.
We will let you know where to stay when you win.

*Breakfast included. *Accommodation will be 2 room for 1 people. *All rooms are non-smoking rooms.



Tour itinerary

Day 12023.2.5 (sun)

Until around 17:00
Check-in at each accommodation
*Check-in is possible from 15:XNUMX.
Entrance of Futami Okitama Shrine(in front of torii)Gather at.(Please depart from each accommodation on your own.)
*Lights will be provided.
AM18:30 ~ PM19:00
Hama Sangu Shrine (Misogi) Experience at Night(Futami Okitama Shrine)
AM19:00 ~ PM19:30
Transfer to dinner venue
AM19:30 ~ PM20:30
* After dinner, you can return to your accommodation.

Day 22023.2.6 (mon)

AM9:00 ~ PM11:00
cycling or walking
*Please gather directly at the Futamiura Tourist Information Center from each inn.
AM11:00 ~ PM11:30
Move to Geku
*We have prepared a minibus for transportation.
AM11:30 ~ PM12:30
Arrive around Geku and have lunch
*Please have your own lunch around Geku.
Toyouke Daijingu(Ise Jingu Outer Shrine)pre-set
AM12:45 ~ PM13:45
Toyouke Daijingu(Ise Jingu Outer Shrine)Worship
AM13:45 ~ PM14:15
Move to Naiku
*We have prepared a minibus for transportation.
Arrival at Naiku
AM14:15 ~ PM15:45
Emperor Daijingu(Ise Jingu Inner Shrine)Worship
End of monitor tour
Dissolution(around Naiku)

*Times for each passing point and sightseeing spot listed are approximate times.Schedules and times may change due to route, traffic conditions, weather conditions, etc.Please note.
* Contents are subject to change without notice.
*Please fill out the questionnaire several times during the process.

Flow from application request to event date


Apply from the application form

Application period
December 2022, 12 - January 19, 2023 1:12

Notification of winning from the secretariat

From the monitor tour secretariat
to the email you registered when you applied
We will inform you of the selection
* Scheduled for January 2023, 1
*Only winners will be contacted.


Please come to the meeting place on the date

At the time and place stated in the information email
Please come.
*Information email will be delivered on January 2023, 1

Recruitment for the tour has ended