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Ise udon/Ise stew udon specialty store Mendokoro Masanari

  • Geku area
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Izakaya

A specialty store of Ise's specialty [Ise udon] and Ise's new specialty [Ise stew udon].Ise nikomi udon is a type of stewed udon that is eaten with Ise udon noodles.Unlike the tourist gourmet Ise udon, this is a new specialty that embodies the [true Ise udon culture] that was born from the daily lives of the people of Ise.
The future of Ise tourism, ``Ise Shrine'', is ``Ise udon at the beginning of the trip, and stew udon at the end of the trip''
We are looking forward to seeing you.

516-0041-4 Tokiwa, Ise City, 28-XNUMX (inside Uranohashi Shopping District)
Opening hours
11:30-15:00 Lo14:30 17:30-21:30 Lo21:00
Closing days
Approximately XNUMX machines behind the store
About XNUMX minutes by car from Shimomiya
[Nearest station] About XNUMX minutes by car from Kintetsu Ise-shi Station
About XNUMX minutes walk from JR Yamada-Kamiguchi Station
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