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Founded 87 years.We continue to make high-quality Japanese and Western confectionery that is particular about handmade.Since the Edo period, it has been said that "Ise souvenirs are not luggage".Ise Ondo Senbei is a product eaten by Emperor Showa.It is a gem that takes 3 days to manufacture thanks to the patterning of the magatama during the special bean paste Ise Ondo.
Jingu Geku dedication
・ Ise Ondo Senbei 19th National Confectionery Expo Honorary President Takamatsu Official Award
・ Ise Ondo Monaka 25th National Confectionery Expo Honorary Governor's Technology Excellence Award
Apple pies that have been made for 50 years and chocolate boxes for 33 years are popular products.

516-0071-2 Ichinoki, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 3-2
Opening hours
Closing days
Monday (closed the next day if it is a national holiday)
5 minutes walk from Iseshi Station
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