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Ito Shoha Museum [Ito Shoha Museum] 

  • Naiku Area

A work full of warmth

Shoha Ito was born in 1877 (Meiji 10) as the eldest daughter of Sarutahiko Shrine Miyaji Ujido Kosada. "Akikusa and the women who make the palace" (Showa 3) and "Akiyoshi Nakamiyazu" (Showa 4), "Iga no Tsubone" (Showa 5) depicting a strong woman, and thirty-six His representative works include "Illusion", which was inspired by the woman of Saimiya, one of the Kasen, and the strong world view peculiar to Kopo is quietly and surely expressed in the beautiful woman depicted.

2-4-65 Ujiurata, Ise City
From Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station, take the Geku / Naiku Circulation Bus and get off at "Sarutahiko Shrine".XNUMX minutes on foot.

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