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Since ancient times, it has been customary to visit the outer shrine and then the inner shrine when visiting Ise Jingu.There are now Mikimoto Road and Miyuki Road, but before that, the road from Geku to Naiku was the "Old Town Road (Mayama)" along the small hill from Oda Bridge to Ushitanizaka. It was the only way.This highway is said to be one of the five major Yukaku districts, and was crowded with people visiting Ise and was a cultural center with many plays.However, due to the great fire and air raids, there are few remnants of those days, and nowadaysAsakichi ryokanIs only leaving an impression.Mayo Ryokan was registered as a national tangible cultural property (building) in February 17 as a valuable building that conveys the prosperity of Furuichi, which once welcomed visitors from all over the country.In the middle of the highway, you can see what happened at that time.Ise Furuichi Sangu Kaido Museum.

Nakanocho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-0034

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