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Goriki Marine Village

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An experience facility in Ominato located in the delta near the mouth of the Miyagawa River.You can catch it yourself, cook it yourself, and eat it.Freshly fished and fried kiss tempura is the best.In addition, it is a very satisfying plan that includes rice for barbecue such as meat and sausage.

516-0001 Ominato-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 1125-10
Opening hours
9: 30-17: 00 * Reservations required 2 business days in advance
Closing days
Tuesday / Wednesday (July-August Wednesday / Third Tuesday)
15 general cars / 1 large buses
Get off at Iseshi Station, take the Mie Kotsu bus bound for Ominato, and get off at "Nakamachi"
From Ise IC, go straight toward Matsusaka, turn right at Shinkai North intersection, turn right at Goriki Marine Village sign
Recommended experience plan
Kiss fishing and tempura lunch GW-until October (may change depending on the year)
Junior high school students and above: 6,800 yen 5 years old to elementary school students: 3,700 yen (Children under 5 years old and pregnant women are not allowed)
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