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  • Naiku Area
  • Western food / Italian

It was reopened on July XNUMX, XNUMX as "Ise's All Day Dining Bar".
A store with an atmosphere unique to a Western-style building, with floors, chandeliers, bay windows, and decorative ceilings reminiscent of the time of civilization.This building is a Western-style building that imitates Morototei in Kuwana City.Moroto-tei is a building designed by Josiah Conder, the same as the Rokumeikan known as the guesthouse.

We will provide you with "Haikara-san's cuisine" in the morning, noon and evening, how to spend the day according to your taste, and extraordinary moments.Not only the lunch menu, but also 0.5 meals between meals, that is, the snack menu, can be enjoyed with all five senses along with the atmosphere of the restaurant.

In addition to the traditional Western food menu, we offer pasta, pizza, cakes made by experts in Mie Prefecture, and Iseji's specialty products handled at Okage Yokocho specialty stores in a "Haikarasan style" dish.
In addition, Mie craft beer, wine, whiskey, local sake, etc. are also available, and you can enjoy pairing with food.

52 Uji Nakanogiri-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours
10: 00-17: 00 (LO16: 30) * Varies depending on the season
Closing days
Open everyday, year round
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