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Hamachiyokan, a seaside inn where jazz plays

  • Futami Area
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Nagisa Futamiura of Misogi before visiting the Jingu is right in front of you.Hamachiyokan is an inn that stands in the background of Futamiura, which reflects various scenes depending on the time and season.5 minutes walk to the scenic Meotoiwa.Excellent access to Toba and Shima as well as Ise Jingu.You can enjoy the seasonal taste of Ise-Shima with your eyes and tongue.In addition, the concept of "hospitality jazz live", which the proprietress plans once a month, is "a souvenir that can't be used".Not only the guests but also the locals are pleased.

519-0609 Chaya, Futami-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 537-26
Closing days
20 general cars / 2 large buses
Get off at JR Futaminoura Station and walk for 12 minutes.
3 minutes from Ise Expressway to Ise Futami Toba Line and Futami JCT
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