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Ise Pudding Iron Man [Ise Purin no Tetsujin]

  • Naiku Area
  • Japanese and Western sweets

It is a pudding specialty store located on "Oharaimachi Street", which is visited by many worshipers at Ise Jingu.Using carefully selected domestic ingredients and natural vanilla beans, we sell Ise pudding, which craftsmen carefully make one by one at the store, and print toast, pudding soft, and raw pudding to drink as eating sweets using pudding. I have.Ise Pudding's iron man feels nostalgia in the newness.Please drop in when you come to Ise, such as going back and forth between worshipers.

516 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 0024-24
Opening hours
10:00am ~ 17:00am
Closing days
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