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Kagura Salon Ise Sotomiyamae

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Art gallery

Kagura Salon is a salon run by the Sustainable Investor Group, which produced the documentary film "Umi Yama Aida".It is a space where you can enjoy arts and crafts and library collections with Hypersonic Sound (*) in the background.You can also enjoy the menu of Dandelion Chocolate, which is located next to the restaurant. (* Hypersonic sound refers to the non-audible range of human beings (high-frequency sound of 20 kHz or higher). According to a study by brain scientist Tsutomu Ohashi, the sound in this non-audible range gives the brain an extremely high frequency. Has an effective effect (hypersonic effect), which has been shown to activate the human brain and significantly reduce stress.)

516-0074 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 20-24, Ministry of Communications
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Closed due to corona situation
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Closed due to corona situation
Public transportation: 10 minute walk from the bus stop "Geku-mae", XNUMX minutes walk from Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station
Car: XNUMX minute from Ise Jingu / Geku
500 yen ~
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