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Tomoiki no Kuni Ise Ninja Kingdom

  • Futami Area
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Oda Nobunaga's "Azuchi Castle" castle tower is a symbolic theme park.Confront the ninja in the park Let's take a walk in the park by transforming into a ninja costume that is free to rent with plays such as real RPGs and ninja shows, and bills.Full-scale aerial athletic "Ninja Forest Adventure" in a ninja figure!Pony feeding experience and horseback riding!Sword Museum where you can see real swords!Shuriken, bow and arrow, and darts can now be played with passing bills.After playing, take off your ninja costume and take a bath as it isAzuchi Castle Hot SpringI will put it in.

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519-0603 Futami-cho Mitsu, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. 1201-1
Opening hours
9:00 to 17:00 (Azuchijouka-no-yu is until 22:00)
Closing days
1000 general cars / 30 large buses
Immediately from the Ise Futami Toba Line "Futami" exit
You can reach our facility by using "CAN Bus" from Kintetsu "Iseshi" station, Kintetsu "Ujiyamada" station, and Kintetsu "Toba" station.
Recommended experience plan
Bills of passage, forest adventure (aerial athletics), real PRG, etc.
Admission fee Adults 1,500 yen, bills of passage Adults 4,900 yen
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