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Komadori Shokudo (Closed)

  • Geku area
  • Japanese cuisine

*Closed in February 2024.

Our shop is mainly handmade udon, soba and Chinese noodles.Ise udon noodles, which are made with careful consideration of the feel of the throat, are thick and chewy, and are familiar with thick sauces.In addition, there are many variations of Ise Tempura Udon, Ise Meat Udon, and Ise Miki Udon so that you can fully enjoy the noodles.We have not only udon noodles and noodles, but also side dishes and rice bowls, so please come visit us.

516-0071-2 Ichinogi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 5-12
Opening hours
Closing days
Every Monday / Tuesday of the XNUMXrd week (consecutive holidays)
4 general cars
7 minutes walk from Iseshi Station
10 minutes by car from Ise Motor Ise Nishi IC
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