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Miyagawa Love River Park

  • Misono area
  • leisure

Miyagawa Love River Park is a park set up along the clear stream Miyagawa, and has a basketball court, a ground golf course, a multipurpose ground, a soccer ground, a tennis court, a barbecue court, and so on.There is also a plaza with playset, which is used by people of all ages. ..
The barbecue areaLive outside the cityCan also be used by people.Please make a reservation in advance when using it.

Takamukai, Misono-cho, Ise-shi
0596-21-5589 (Ise City Hall Maintenance Division Management Section)
090-2612-1155 (Reservation reception for barbecue area) [3 / 1-3 / 24 11: 12-3: 25, 11 / 6-11 / 12 15: 16-XNUMX: XNUMX, XNUMX: XNUMX-XNUMX: XNUMX] 
Opening hours
Use of barbecue facilities: 3 / 25-11 / 7 11: 19-30: XNUMX
will get
1 minutes walk from Kintetsu Miyamachi Station
Immediately from National Highway No. 23 Miyagawa Ohashi

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